BGMI India Series 2021 Semi-Finals Day 4 Match Schedule Announced

The Semi-Finals stage has been extremely competitive so far.


The Semi-Finals Stage of the BGMI Series 2021 has proven itself to be quite the exciting affair, and after 3 great days of exhilarating competitive gaming, SkyLightz Gaming leads the pack with 157 points. The team was able to clinch the top spot by getting 2 Winner Winner Chicken Dinners as well as a dominant 74 Finishes.

Their aggressive yet measured approach to the game has led to the top of the table in BGMI Series 2021 and it will be interesting to see if they are able to maintain their dominance after today’s matches. Day 4 of the Semi-Finals will kick off at 5:45 with the first match taking place between Groups B vs Group C on Erangel. The matches will go on until 10:00 PM, with the final match between Group A vs Group B.

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BGMI Series Semi-Finals Day 4 Schedule Revealed

BGMI Series Semi Finals Day 4 Schedule

The 3 groups will be playing a set of 6 Round Robins in the Semi-Finals stage. The Top 16 squads with the highest cumulative points will proceed to the Grand Finals. As it currently stands, these are the 8 teams in danger of elimination:

  • 7SEA Esports
  • Orgless Five
  • Revenant Esports
  • Reckoning Esports
  • Tactical Esports
  • Soul
  • Team Chicken Rushers
  • 247 Gaming

These teams are currently below the 16th position so it’s clear that they will be looking to come out of the gate strong and get some finishes and Chicken Dinners to get into the Top 16. Team Soul and Tactical Esports were able to bag WWCDs, with the latter clinching 2 of them, yet, they weren’t able to crack the Top 16.

It will be interesting to see how the table will transform after today’s match and how many of the teams from the bottom of the table will move upwards if they do so at all. Fans can catch today’s matches on the official BGMI channel on Youtube (linked here).