BGMI Showdown Group Stage Day 3 Concludes: OR, Xo, Soul, Godlike and 12 Top Teams Enroute to Finals


BGMI showdown Day 3 has ended the three-long-day group stage from which the top 16 teams have made it to the toughest one-day Final. Each team have got to play a total of 12 matches to grab a slot in the Grand Finals and the teams that ranged from 17th to 24th on the points table have been eliminated from the tournament. The top 16 teams will battle it out today for the ultimate glory and the championship.

OR Esports has been dominating the points table from Day 1 and they ended up taking the top spot with 167 points while XO and Hyderabad Hydras took the second and third places respectively. Team Soul had a brilliant day and they finished the group stage by taking the ninth spot where they were on the red list on Day 2. TSM barely managed to get qualified with a 2-point lead from FS Esports. Teams like FS Esports, X Spark, Revenant, Reckoning, BB Esports, Udog, Autobotz and Esports wala were eliminated from the tournament.

The Grand Finals are all set to feature 16 qualified teams from the Group Stage. It will have 6 matches across 4 maps and there is only one day allotted for Finals. The Final will take place today, starting at 4:00 PM IST in which 16 teams will fight for the lions’ share of the Rs 15 Lakh Prize Pool.

Showdown Group Stage Day 3 Overall Standings

bgmi shodown finals
Image via Battlegrounds Mobile India Esports

OR Esports again proved their talent by winning the first match on the third day with a massive total of 18 finishes. The team eliminated FS Esports in the second position who had six frags under their name whereas Kinetic was eliminated in the third position with 5 kills.

bgmi showdown day 3
Image via Battlegrounds Mobile India Esports

Hyderabad Hydras marked their third chicken dinner by securing a 15-kill chicken dinner in the second match, taking absolute advantage of high ground in the final circle. Reckoning Esports was eliminated at the second spot with 4 kills while 7 Sea esports took the third position with 11 finishes.

bgmi showdown finals
Image via Battlegrounds Mobile India Esports

It was Team XO who emerged victorious in the third match that was played on Erangel. The team secured a total of 9 finishes and they eliminated teams like Soul and Esportswala in the final battle to grab their first chicken dinner in the Showdown event. Team Soul has put up a nice performance in this match which is much required for them and they have garnered a total of 22 points in this match.

The fourth match of the day has seen an unexpecting turn of events as Hydra Esports managed to make the good out of this match between fights between other teams. Nigma Galaxy was eliminated by Team Soul and Soul’s all players were down where Akshat remained with low HP. Secret took advantage of this fight and took down Akshat to claim their win.

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The fifth match was claimed by Orangutan Gaming and this match became their saviour on the road to the grand finals. They have secured a total of 8 kills in this match and climbed to the thirteenth spot from 20th position on the overall leaderboards. Xspark ended up in the second position with 6 finishes while XO was in the third spot with 3 kills.

It was Nigma Galaxy who finished the league stage while marking their win in the final match of the day. The team garnered a total of eight finishes while Skylightz gaming ended up in the second position with 5 finishes.

BGMI Showdown Grand Finals Qualified Teams

  1. R Esports
  2. Team XO
  3. Hyderabad Hydras
  4. Skylightz Gaming
  5. Hydra
  6. Enigma Gaming
  7. Nigma Galaxy
  8. Global Esports
  9. Team Soul
  10. Godlike
  11. Team INS
  12. Orangutan
  13. 7 Sea
  14. R Esports
  15. Team Kinetics
  16. TSM

There will be a huge competition from the teams on the final day as they try mark to take the glory of winning the official LAN event of Krafton. With only 6 matches included in the finals, the team that wins the first match with a high lead will have an extra edge. Catch the LIVE of the event on the YouTube channels and Loco channels of Battlegrounds Mobile India, starting at 4:00 PM IST.