BGMI Introduces Time-Limit with OTP Confirmation for Minors to Ensure Responsible Gaming

An OTP Authentication will be required for players below 18 years of age.


Krafton, ever since it has been able to bring BGMI back to the country, has made a conscious effort in certain aspects of the game, and the ‘Game Responsibly’ campaign seems to be a part of those efforts.

This recent campaign kicked off with a Youtube ad, with more to follow in the next few weeks, urges BGMI’s young playerbase to maintain healthy gaming habits, and ensuring that with gameplay time-limitations and OTP confirmation.

A couple of these features to promote said ‘healthy game-life balance’ were in place during the launch build of BGMI, but some new ones have been added, especially for minors playing the game.

Every minor, players below the age of 18, will need to register a parent or guardian before beginning each session – upon which the parent/guardian will receive an OTP to authorize the session, or not.

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What are the new BGMI ‘Game Responsibly’ features?

New in-game features to limit playtime and promote ‘game-life balance’:

    Before the match begins, a message is displayed that players will now be entering a virtual world, as opposed to the real one they occupy outside of the game.
  • OTP Authentication
  • Breaktime Reminders
    To ensure that playing times don’t for exceedingly long hours, BGMI will notify players sporadically to take a break mid-session.
  • Gameplay Limits
    Players below the age of 18 will have a strict timer placed during their time with the game that limits them to playing up to 3 hours per day.
  • Daily Spend Limits
    BGMI will now have a spend-limit within the in-game store which caps players at Rs 7,000.
  • Moderated Game Graphics
    The dev team has sensitized aspects of the graphics and presentation within the game, and decreased the level of violence, nudity, ‘bloodhshed’ and set language parameters.