BGMI Update 1.8.0 Goes Live with Livik: Aftermath Map, Spider-Man: No Way Home Event

BGMI update 1.8.0 brings a new Spiderman: No Way Home event, a new classic map, and major changes.

Battlegrounds Mobile India’s latest and much awaited update 1.8.0 is finally live for the players. The update brings a new map Livik: Aftermath, a Spider-Man: No Way Home event, some design changes, and fixes some major bugs. One of the biggest additions in the latest update is the Spiderway: No Way Home event which is the result of Krafton’s first ever partnership with Sony Pictures.

The latest update also optimises the gameplay and improves the matching system of the game. BGMI’s latest update 1.8.0 is already live for iOS and Android users and can be downloaded from their respective app stores. Let’s check out what’s new in the BGMI update 1.8.0.

BGMI Update 1.8.0: What’s New

Spiderman: No Way Home Event

Spiderman: No Way Home event is the major change that BGMI’s latest update has brought in. The Spiderman theme is currently limited to the Erangel and Livik map only. This event comes with three different modes: Challenge the boss, Spider-Man’s web shooter power, and the spiderweb-ball.

Challenge the boss allows you to fight the boss alongside Spiderman inside the Mylta power. In Spider-Man’s web shooter power, players can shoot the web after getting the web shooters inside the map. Spiderman’s web will slow down the player. The spiderweb-ball mode allows players to slow down nearby players by shooting the spiderweb-ball on the ground.

Livik: Aftermath

BGMI update 1.8.0 brings a new map called ‘Livik: Aftermath’. The map is now available for players in the Classic mode however, it will be in unranked section so you will not have to worry about scoring negative points. The map rotates around a volcanic eruption which has resulted in melting of all the snow. It also removes the obstacles which means that enemy can spot you easily from a distance and vice-versa.

Developers have equipped the weapons with AC core module to less the recoil in order to make them easy to hold. The play zone area has been reduced.

New Supply Shop

The new update brings a new in-game currency coin that users can collect during the game and purchase the items in the new supply shop. Players can access the supply shop anywhere on the map. The feature is currently available for Erangel, Livik, and Livik: Aftermath map only.

Recall Tower

BGMI new update has a communication/recall tower that allows player to bring a dead teammate back to life through the recall tower. This feature is also limited to Erangel, Livik, and Livik: Aftermath map only.

Other Changes

  • The recoil of the M16A4 and MK47 has become 10% weaker and the tracer effect is added to the fired bullets. 
  • MG3’s recoil has become 10% more intense and the base fire rate is adjusted to 660RPM. 
  • The player is not finished even when knocked out in the water but is rather left in a swimmable state. 
  • In-map place name is displayed in three dimensions and the auto-jump with ping becomes available. 
  • Penalty on merit level deduction from malicious behaviors such as team finish or offensive chat is reinforced.

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