You Can Now Book an Uber From WhatsApp, But Only in Select Cities For Now

No need to use the Uber app if you are booking on WhatsApp.

Uber is one of India’s popular on-demand cab service providers allowing you to book a cab from point A to B with the app. The company is now bringing a new way to book a cab. With WhatsApp being one of the most popular messaging platforms in India, Uber will allow you to book a cab from WhatsApp.

Starting this week, Uber will roll out this new service that allows users to book an Uber via WhatsApp chatbot. The new service gives people the option to book an Uber ride via an official Uber WhatsApp account. With this service enabled, you will no longer need to download or use the Uber app. Everything from user registration, booking a ride, and getting a trip receipt will be managed within the WhatsApp chat. However, the service is limited for certain cities.

The integration will be available in Lucknow first and then, it will expand to New Delhi later. Uber also says they’re planning to launch this India-wide in 2022. Uber booking from WhatsApp

Book Uber on WhatsApp

WhatsApp users will be able to book an Under in three ways 一 messaging to Uber’s Business account, scanning QR code, and clicking a link directly to open an Uber WhatsApp chat. Once you send a message to the bot, you will get an OTP and once that’s verified, like on the app, you will have to enter provide your pickup and drop off location 一 you can also share location from WhatsApp instead of typing. You will get options to choose from different types of rides like Ubde Go, Auto, Moto, etc along with fare information and the driver’s expected time of arrival.

Once the booking is confirmed, you will get the name of the driver, the license plate of the driver on the booking, and an option to track the location. Uber also offers the ability to speak to the driver anonymously using a masked number.

The WhatsApp chat flow will inform the rider about safety guidelines, including how to reach Uber in case of emergencies. For now, this feature is available in the English language only and soon Uber will roll out local languages support as well. The service is available to both new and existing users who registered with only a phone number on Uber.

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