Jio Media Cable to Connect Jio Phones With Old CRT, LED TVs Set to Launch for Rs.1499

Reliance is all prepped to launch the Jio Media Cable in India. There are two variants of the cable, one of which supports CRT monitors.

Jio Media Cable

With the change in the technology landscape, everything right from our smartphones to TVs changed drastically. The size of our TVs became thinner with panels changed to LCD, LED, OLED from the big and bulky CRT TVs. Now, here is the thing, while a significant chunk of households switched to the better and slimmer TVs, not everyone made the jump. There are still many households with CRT TVs fulfilling their daily entertainment needs. Reliance understands the truth of the matter and is now poised to come with the much-awaited Jio Media Cable that will allow Jio Phone users to stream content from their phone to their Old CRTs too along with Smart TVs. We call it a big leap of acceptance, wherein a company is bringing tech even to the old devices. Check out what the Jio Cable is and how much it will cost the buyers.

Jio Media Cable: Launch and Price in India

A tweet from Sanjay Bafna confirms that Reliance will be launching the much-awaited Jio Media cable in India at Rs. 1,499. For now, we have no information regarding the launch timeline of this cable. We can expect this cable to hit the right chord with the users as it will allow them to stream content from their Jio Phone to a bigger screen, even on their CRT TVs or monitors. Good job here, Jio!

Jio Media Cable For Jio Phones: Connect Your Old CRT TVs to New Age Technology

Now, many of you must be thinking how exactly does the Jio Media Cable works. We are here to enlighten you about its functionality. The Jio Media Cable can be compared to Android/iOS streaming devices like Chromecast or even Amazon’s FireTV Stick. These devices enable users to stream content from their phone directly on their TV. The Jio Media Cable works on the similar grounds. Users need to connect the cable to their TV with a small adapter that comes in the cable bundle. There are two variants of the same, one that also supports CRT TVs and the other for the new age smart TVs. The CRT compatible variant comes with RCA port while the other variant has HDMI port. The Blue coloured bundle packaging of the cable box is for CRT and the Red coloured box is for smart TVs.

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Both the variants look alike except for the fact that one supports rounded audio/video RCA port while the other has HDMI. It also includes a cable that has USB 2.0 port. One end of this port is connected to the adapter and TV while the other is connected to your Jio Phone. After connection, you will see the set-up on your TV. After following the connection steps, your TV will be up for streaming content from your phone.

Jio Media Cable: How Does It Work

For running the Jio Media Cable on your smart TV or CRT, one needs to have a Jio Phone. After connecting the Jio Phone with the Media Cable, you will be able to go to any app and stream its content directly on your TV. For example – Jio Cinema app will let you stream movies while other apps will allow you to stream Live content. For more insight on the working of the cable with Jio Phone, you can check out the video below.

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