Calibri is Retiring From Microsoft Office, and a Five-Way Hunt is On for the Next Great Default Font

Calibri will hang up its boots from the hot seat aboard Office, and Microsoft has already selected five sans serif fonts to replace it soon.

Calibri MS Office fonts

Calibri is all but retired, bringing down the curtains on a nearly 14-year-old tenure on the hot seat of the default font of Microsoft Office. Earlier today, the Microsoft design team announced that it is finally time for its upcoming version of MS Office to get a new default font, which will likely go in line with the additional design changes that Microsoft is making to its overall ecosystem of services. To replace Calibri, Microsoft has already picked five contenders for default fonts, all of which have their own signature styles, and users will get to have their say on what finally becomes the official default font for Office.

The five new fonts that are being considered as the ideal default font for Office include Bierstadt, Grandview, Seaford, Skeena and Tenorite. The five new fonts will already be present within Office, but only one will be selected as the default font that will substitute Calibri. Each of these five are sans serif fonts, which hence signifies that Microsoft is not going for as drastic a change as it did back in 2007, when it substituted the long standing Times New Roman serif font with the sans serif Calibri.

Among these five fonts, Bierstadt and Grandview have a number of similar properties, opting for more curves on the typeface than the plaid, straight typeface that Calibri represented. This makes the two fonts appear warm and familiar, and popular opinion on social media suggests strong support for either of the two fonts. Tenorite also appears to have some support, although the short character height of letters on Tenorite may not be well suited for use as a default font. Skeena, meanwhile, appears to be a tad too stylised to be picked as a default font, appearing closer to calligraphic choices within the MS Office font family.

Going forward, it will be interesting to see which of the five fonts is picked by Microsoft as the default option of choice. While Microsoft has asked for general public feedback on social platforms, there is no specific poll where users can go and pick their favourite. There is also no fixed deadline for when might the new default font be picked, but the change should appear in an update in the coming weeks.

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