Call of Duty Mobile Public Test Build Details Revealed: Brings 3 New Maps, 2 New Weapons, More

The public test build is now live.


Call of Duty Mobile’s latest public test build went up live yesterday, January 4 2022, and it brings all sorts of content planned for the next couple f seasons to the game. The test build will end most likely at the end of this week, so players who wish to experience all the new content can jump in right now and get cracking.

The test build is available for both Android and iOS devices and it takes up about 600-700MB on the device.  The player registration limit is capped at 30,000, so eager players might want to get in now before the limit is reached. Any and all and content, information, and player data collected during this test will be deleted once the test concludes.

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Call of Duty Mobile public test build is now live

The content in the public test build could be planned for the next season of Call of Duty Mobile or potentially be for the next two seasons from now. The majority of the content seen in Call of Duty Mobile’s test builds is not final, which is why it may be a bit buggier and unstable than the usual build of the game. Here is all the content that is present in the current test build of the game:

  • Three new MP Maps (for S1 or S2)

  • Battle Royale Map changes

  • Controls Optimization – Sensitivity

  • Balance Adjustments (General)

  • Two New Functional Weapons

  • New Scorestreak

  • Resource Download Optimizations

  • New – Muzzle Fire Smoke (gfx effect on weapons)

  • Voice Over Optimizations

The test build allows devs to gather direct feedback from the player so that the content is polished when it is finally rolled out. The test build does not represent the final version of the game as much of the content goes through several iterations before it makes it into the game.