Call of Duty Mobile Season 1: New Order Announced, Activision Resets Ranked Season With New Weapons, Maps and More

Let’s take a closer look at the Call of Duty Mobile Season 1: New Order features and more.


.Activision has announced that it will be resetting the popular Call of Duty Mobile game with the next season. This means that the 14th season of the battle royale game will be known as Call of Duty Mobile Season 1. The company has officially announced that the new season will be known as New Order. Activision says that it is taking this step to keep the season count ‘clean and easy to understand’. The brand says that the new season is expected to roll out from January 25th and it will reveal the season’s features through its social media channels and teasers in the coming days. The company has also teased new weapons, maps, and more for the upcoming season. Let’s take a closer look at the Call of Duty Mobile Season 1: New Order teased features and more.

Call of Duty Mobile Season 1: New Order Announced

Activision has confirmed that it will be launching the Season 1 on January 26th. The company will reveal the information about the features of the upcoming season on its official social media channels closer to the launch date. The company has also revealed that it will be introducing new weapons for the Season 1. To start with, the first weapon will be an assault rifle that is capable of long-range firefights. The weapon comes with burst fire capabilities.

Based on the teaser, the weapon looks like Famas burst rifle and the company says that one can snag this one in the upcoming Battle Pass. Next weapon teased by the company is a sniper rifle. The company says that the weapon is a unique one and the second of its type/class for Call of Duty Mobile. The sniper rifle has a higher rate of fire as compared to the usual sniper rifle in the game and is similar to the QXR from the last season. The teaser image of the rifle reveals that it might be SKS marksman rifle. Players can get this gun through a variety of ways including Seasonal Challenge.

New Multiplayer Map and Mode Incoming

Activision has revealed that it will be launching a new multiplayer map for the CODM Season 1. The company says that the new map will be medium-sized and will be released in Season 1. The new map is based on the theme of an abandoned city. This is likely to be called as Rebirth. The brand has already tested the map on a public test server in December 2020.

Moving on, the Attack of the Undead mode has been also confirmed to be the part of the upcoming season. The developers say that only 20v players can participate in this mode. The new battle royale mode is also coming to the game, which will be revealed in near future. Apart from this, Season 1 will also bring new voice-overs of user’s favourite operators including Ghost. The company also says that it will be introducing some CODM China features as well. “This is something we are considering on a case-by-case basis depending on what makes sense for each version,” the company said.