Call of Duty Mobile Season 5 Announced: New Maps, Weapons, Events and More

The Call of Duty Mobile Season 5 is officially named ‘In Deep Water’, and is expected to begin from June 29 with new elements in tow.

Call of Duty Mobile Season 5

Call of Duty Mobile Season 5 is here, and while everyone knew about the upcoming season, we now have a confirmed name for it. This time, the new season will be called ‘In Deep Water’, although it remains to be seen if the new season brings along any special modes that involve underwater combat or anything of the sort. As with every season, Call of Duty Mobile Season 5 – In Deep Water is also expected to introduce new weapons into the game, while rumours are strong about the introduction of a new map as well. There is also the question of a new character, which is incidentally being released today, and may continue to be a part of Season 5 as well.

Call of Duty Mobile Season 5 release date

According to reports, the Season 4 of the game is set to wrap up at 5:30AM IST on June 29 (official time 7PM CST on June 28). Post this, the Season 5 is officially set to begin at 5:30AM IST on June 30 (official time 7PM CST on June 29).

What’s new in Season 5: In Deep Water

According to reports, Call of Duty Mobile: Season 5 should bring along a new battle pass, two new weapons, a new map and a new character, offering players an interesting assortment of new elements to play in the game. Starting with the new battle pass, the latter will reportedly come with 50 tiers of rewards, and will cost players 220 CP.

According to the teasers that Activision itself has released so far through its official CoD Mobile Twitter channel, Season 5 is expected to bring two new weapons – a CR-56 AMAX assault rifle, and the 725 double-barrel shotgun. While the latter is ranked as one of the most powerful guns in the game, the CR-56 AMAX is also ranked as an excellent rifle for mid-range combats. Most gamers should be pleasantly satisfied with the new weapons in the game.

More teasers have also hinted at the launch of the Docks map in Call of Duty Mobile, which will likely be used for smaller game modes. Docks is a fairly well-known map from Modern Warfare (2019), so it should be familiar for long-time players of the game. Finally, the character Legendary Ghost is expected to appear in the game at 5AM IST tomorrow, and should be available through Season 5 as well.

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