Call of Duty Mobile Season 7: 2 New Maps Confirmed for Launch Next Week

Call of Duty Mobile gets a couple of new maps next week.


Call of Duty Mobile Season 6: The Heat has been a hit with the community, with the Undead Siege quickly becoming a fan-favourite mode, which was the expectation when COD Mobile announced plans to get bring it back come Season 6. With COD closing the chapter on Season 6 soon, fans have gotten more information regarding Season 7, which is due for launch next week.

Accompanying each new Season in Call of Duty Mobile are maps, weapons, and maybe even new game modes, and Season 7 will be no different. As of now, Activision has confirmed 2 new maps returning to the fold on Mobile: Monastery and Shipyard 2019.

This is extremely cool news for fans of the series as Call of Duty Mobile has showcased that even though players are familiar with these maps (from console or PC) – playing them on mobile is still a fresh and fun experience.

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Call of Duty Mobile Season 7 confirms Scrapyard 2019 and Monastery maps for multiplayer

Monastery is among the few maps specifically designed for Call of Duty Mobile and that hasn’t appeared in either the console or PC versions of the game. The map was only previously seen in the Chinese version of the game and now finally makes its way over to the global version.

Call of Duty Mobile Undead Siege
Undead Siege rolls into Season 7 as well

Monastery is a well-designed map that has a ton to offer for players who prefer their fights taking indoors or in narrow corridors. The other addition to Call of Duty Mobile next season is Scrapyard 2019 – which is an updated take on Scrapyard which was previously seen in Season 3 of COD Mobile.

It will be interesting to see how the community reacts to both Monastery and Scrapyard 2019 – given that they are rather familiar maps to those who have been playing the game for a while now. The new Season rolls in next week for Call of Duty Mobile