Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Open Beta Rewards Revealed Ahead of COD Next Event

COD Modern Warfare 2 Pre-load begins on 14 September for PS4 and PS5 pre-ordered users!

modern warfare 2 open beta
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Activision has unveiled a whole lot more information on what to expect from the upcoming Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Open Beta. Apart from that, the developers also detailed specifics on pre-loads and the rewards that will be unlocked during the Open Beta period.

As mentioned in the official blog post, the Pre-loading of COD MW2 will kick off on Wednesday (14 September) at 10 AM PDT (10:30 PM IST). The early pre-loading is exclusive to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 members who have pre-ordered the game. The Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer client’s file size has not been revealed, but it will be out shortly.

The Modern Warfare beta first weekend is exclusive to PS4 and PS5 pre-ordered users. It will be available to preorder users only on September 16-17, before becoming available to everyone on PlayStation from September 18-20. Xbox and PC players can participate the following weekend, with preorders getting priority. On September 24-26, there will be an open beta for all users of all platforms.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Beta Rewards

modern warfare 2 open beta
Image via Official Blog Post

Apart from revealing the pre-loading dates for MW2, Activision has planned a set of rewards for those who will take part in the upcoming Beta test. Even though your progress in the open beta is not carried to the full game, the beta will let you unlock the rewards that will be available when Modern Warfare 2 launches in October. Moreover, players can use the same in Warzone 2 also.

These rewards are exclusive to beta tests and can be unlocked by levelling up in the game. Hence, players must reach level 30 to unlock all the rewards in the game. A total of ten different reward items were revealed and players can access these during both the weekends of beta tests.

Image via Official Blog Post

Following are the rewards:

  • Emblem: “Smashed It”: Unlocks at Operator Level 2
  • Charm: “Buckle Up”: Unlocks at Operator Level 4
  • Player Cards: “Passed the Test”: Unlocks at Operator Level 6
  • Sticker: “Operation First Blood”: Unlocks at Operator Level 10
  • Weapon Blueprint: “Side Impact”: Unlocks at Operator Level 15
  • Operator Skin: “Collision”: Unlocks at Operator Level 18
  • Vinyl: “No Competition”: Unlocks at Operator Level 19
  • Sticker: “Safety First”: Unlocks at Operator Level 21
  • Vehicle Skin: “Floor It”: Unlocks at Operator Level 26
  • Weapon Blueprint: “Frontal Impact”: Unlocks at Operator Level 30

Infinity Wizard has unveiled all of this information ahead of Call of Duty Next, which broadcasts on September 15 at 9:30 am PDT / 12:30 pm EDT / 5:30 pm BST / 10 pm IST. The event will feature the official reveal of Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer gameplay as well as announcements for Warzone 2 and the recently revealed Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile game. Fans can catch the LIVE of the event on COD’s official Youtube and Twitch Channels.

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