Call of Duty: Slipstream, Activision Updates Call of Duty 2021’s Title on

"Call of Duty: Slipstream" appears seemingly out of nowhere on


Call of Duty fans have grown not only accustomed to the annual release schedule, but something they look forward to each year, excited to see what Activision has in store. Unlike other franchises, Call of Duty is worked on by multiple studios, namely Infinity Ward (Modern Warfare), Treyarch (Black Ops),and Sledgehammer Games (Advanced Warafare, WWII).

This allows Activision to maintain an annual release schedule without putting heavy burden on a single studio. Activision are gearing up for another release in the long-running series on the back of the success of Black Ops Cold War.

As spotted by leaker Tom Henderson, Activision updated and changed COD 2021 to “Call of Duty: Slipstream”. While it doesn’t exactly sound like a proper sequel or a mainline entry, “Slipstream” is probably just a placeholder title.

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Call of Duty 2021 updated to “Slipstream” on by Activision

As of yet, there is no confirmation from Activision or either of its major studios, but for now, it looks like Slipstream is simply a placeholder title for the upcoming game. So far, players only know that there is another Call of Duty headed for release in 2021.

While the franchise has been incredibly successful, it looks like they will face stiff competition from EA, DICE and Battlefield this time around.

Battlefield 2042 vs Call of Duty 2021
Battlefield’s signature large-scale warfare is only about to get bigger.

The two giant first-person shooter franchises have been competing for FPS supremacy since the 2000s and it looks like the battle has heated up again. Given the kind of popularity and popular reception around Battlefield 2042, COD will have to pull out a major win with their reveal.

While the name “Slipstream” by itself doesn’t exactly send fans into a frenzy, given that it has no connection to any of the previous entries in the series (at least in name), perhaps this is only a teaser of things to come.

Fans are excited to see whether Call of Duty returns to the World War setting or head into the near future much like their EA counterpart.