Call of Duty Warzone In-Game Event “Battle of Verdansk” Will Feature Worldwide Reveal of COD: Vanguard

"Battle of Verdansk" will take place on 11:00 am Indian Standard Time on August 19th in Warzone.

Call of Duty Vanguard

Call of Duty Vanguard was just confirmed by Activision after cover was leaked and it was confirmed that the franchise will indeed be returning to the WWII period. Taking lead on development this time around is Sledgehammer Games, who have assisted in development on various Call of Duty titles as well as having led development previously on Advanced Warfare, and most recently on COD: WWII.

Slegehammer, given their past success with the WWII setting are quite familiar with the time period and will like to up the ante from the last time around. This year, COD will face quite the competition from its EA counterpart as Battlefield 2042’s hype train is going full-speed ahead – and in a bid to get the hype going for Call of Duty – Warzone will have an in-game event in Verdansk.

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COD Warzone in-game event for the worldwide reveal of Call of Duty Vanguard

Talk of the “metaverse” has dominated gaming and tech circles for a while now, and it does look like massive in-game events such as Fortnite-style concerts are here to stay. Activision has just announced their newest in-game event for Warzone- “Battle of Verdansk”. The event will, of course, serve as the worldwide reveal of Sledgehammer’s “Call of Duty Vanguard” and fans sure are hyped.

The teaser contains an assortment of all sorts of possible clues and easter eggs, including badges resembling that of the infamous Task Force 141, among other such clues. The Battle of Verdansk event kicks off on 19th August, 10:30 PM PT/ 11:00 AM Indian Standard Time.

Call of Duty Verdansk

The event will contain a new weapon “rolling into Verdansk” as well as an armored vehicle – and players are going to have to squad up and take down the target during the event. This all looks pretty exciting and a great way to build up hype for a future release – depending on the success of Battle of Verdansk, perhaps this could eventually become the default for game reveals and announcements.


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