You Can Now Convert Currencies and Other Units Using Android’s Smart Selection Tool

Unit conversion will be supported on Android 9 and above.

Android comes with a Smart Text Selection tool which is now allowing users to convert units. Yes! You read it correctly, the tool is now allowing users to select the part of the measurement and automatically select the full measurement. The tool also allows users to convert the measurement to another unit with the help of pop-ups. However, it has been reported that the feature is not rolling out for all the users. It seems that the tech giant is testing the feature and it will soon reach to all the Android users.

As per the Google Issue Tracker, the new feature which is called unit conversion will be supported on Android 9 and above. Meanwhile, the report also claimed that the tech giant has also added Currency conversion feature to the Smart Text Selection tool.

According to the Android Police report, the unit conversion feature is faster than the manual copy-pasting units to other third party conversion apps. The feature works on units like length, volume, and currency. Users need to select the units which they want to convert into, for example, if you want to convert Chinese currency into Indian then you can write USD 1 and select the text it will show you convert option. All you need to do is to tap on the convert option and it will show you the conversion.

Do note that it will redirect you to the results on Google app and from there you can change the units as well. This new feature is beneficent enough to save time and work fast to show results. While, there is no information when the feature is officially going to roll out for everyone, but we have tested the feature on OnePlus 8 and its working fine for us. Let us know your thoughts about the feature in the comment section below.

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