You can Now Use Android Nearby Share to Share Apps

Nearby Share is a feature which allows users to share files with other users without a specific app.


There are numerous ways to share Android apps from one smartphone to others. This also includes dedicated app sharing applications which help users to send and receive apps APK and install it on their device. It seems Google has decided to make this easier for Android users, the company has now added a new feature to Nearby Share. According to Google, this feature will allow users to send and receive apps directly with Nearby Share without downloading a third-party app. Let’s have a detailed look at the newly added feature.

Just in case you don’t know, the Nearby Share is a feature which allows users to share files with other users without a specific app. The feature was introduced by Google back in August 2020, and runs on Android 6.0 Marshmallow and above. Some reports also claimed that the feature is equivalent to the AirDrop feature which is available on Apple products. 

Nearby Share allows Android users to share files like photos, video, doc and more. It will also allow users to share links with devices near you. Now with the new addition users will also be able to share apps to nearby devices in no time. Here are the few steps which you can follow to share apps via Nearby Share feature. 

How to Share Apps via Nearby Share

  • First, you need to head to the Play Store app on your Android smartphone. 
  • Then select the My Apps section. 
  • You can see a new tab called “Share” beside the Library. 
  • Tap on the Share and you will get an option to send or receive apps. 
  • Now you need to turn on your location services if it’s not enabled. 
  • If you select the send option then you will see a list of the apps installed on your device. 
  • You need to select the app (multiple apps can also be selected)which you want to send.
  • Now tap on the green button at the top right corner of the screen. 
  • You can see a search in progress for the nearby device
  • You can select the device to whom you want to send the apps. 
  • One the device is selected you are all done and the apps will be sent to the respective smartphone.