CES 2020: Intel Unveils 10nm Tiger Lake CPUs, DG1 Discrete GPU, Project Athena Certified Chromebooks


During the CES 2020, Intel announced a bunch of its upcoming hardware. The company showcased a preview of its upcoming Intel Tiger Lake 10nm architecture that will succeed the current Ice Lake. Furthermore, it shared a preview of its upcoming DG1 discrete GPU and various Intel-powered laptops that include the likes of dual-screen and foldable laptops from Dell and Lenovo. Let’s have a look at what all the company previewed during the CES 2020.

Intel Unveils its 10nm Tiger Lake CPUs, DG1 Discrete GPU, and its Latest Chromebooks

Intel DG1 GPU

As said, the company finally announced its latest CPU dubbed the Tiger Lake. No specifications about the upcoming architecture were unveiled during the show, but Intel has confirmed that it will feature integrated Xe graphics which come as a result of Intel’s rebooted graphics hardware initiative. This is claimed to double the graphics performance of the current generation CPU and will bring HD quality gaming to all the slim laptops out there. Intel’s Tiger Lake will also feature improved AI integrations and native support for Thunderbolt 4 and Wi-Fi 6. The company will start shipping the Tiger Lake CPUs to OEMs this summer which means that the upcoming generation of computers utilizing Intel’s latest architecture could potentially launch by late 2020.

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Moving on to the DG1 discrete GPU, it is also based on the Xe graphics architecture. The company showcased it running on a slim laptop by playing the Destiny 2 gaming title. The rest of the specifications, however, were not revealed during the event. The DG1 GPU is also expected to hit the commercial shelves this year itself.

Intel further announced a new iteration to the Project Athena specifications, which now focuses on performance, battery life, connectivity, and responsiveness of the slim laptops. It will now focus on dual-screen laptops. Living on to that, Intel showcased its first two Chromebooks that are compliant with Project Athena – the Samsung Galaxy Chromebook and the Asus Chromebook Flip C436. Post that, Intel and Lenovo showcased the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Fold and a dual-screen concept notebook from Dell was also showcased.

As of now, Intel has not given a fixed deadline as to when its latest hardware will be available to the masses. What are your thoughts? Pin them down in the comments section below.