ChatGPT Rolls Out Voice Commands And Image Prompts Support to Plus and Enterprise Users

OpenAI will roll out ChatGPT voice commands and image prompt support over the next two weeks.

  • OpenAI has announced new voice commands and image prompt support for ChatGPT.
  • The new prompt capability of the AI will roll out to ChatGPT users over the next two weeks.
  • However, the new voice and image capability will only be available to ChatGPT Plus and Enterprise users.

ChatGPT can now see, hear, and speak according to the official website of the AI language model. OpenAI has announced that the AI chatbot platform will get new voice and image capabilities in the coming days. It means users can either show ChatGPT an image or speak commands to communicate a query. ChatGPT will simply convert voice to text and analyse various elements in the image to initiate a relevant dynamic query. OpenAI will roll out the voice and imaging capabilities to paying Plus and Enterprise subscribers first and then to the free versions.

ChatGPT Voice Command Support Coming Soon

ChatGPT’s voice command feature is pretty similar to what we already have on smartphones. All you have to do is tap the speaker button and speak your query out loud. ChatGPT then listens to the query, feeds it to the language model, processes an answer, converts it back to text, and then speaks the answer out loud. Thanks to the LLM-based technology, ChatGPT is expected to be better than the existing Google Assistant and Siri.

Additionally, OpenAI has announced that users can customise ChatGPT’s voice using five preset human-like voice options. The company is also exploring more useful venues for the voice prompts like a partnership with Spotify to automatically translate podcasts into other languages, and so on.

However, the company has also announced that the feature will not be available for broad use as it has the potential to create new risks like impersonation and fraud. You can get started with the ChatGPT voice function by following the steps below.

  • Open ChatGPT and go to Settings.
  • Click on the New Features options at the bottom.
  • Toggle on the Voice Conversations option.
  • Now tap on the headphone icon in the top right corner and choose from the five preset voices.

ChatGPT Can Now Analyse Images To Answer Queries

The image prompt for ChatGPT is more like a visual lookup, where you click a picture of the object you are concerned about using the camera icon next to the text bar. ChatGPT will then analyse the elements in the image to figure out what you are looking for. Users can also add a text question with the image to speed up the whole process. Users can also continue the conversation with follow-up images to get accurate answers as you can see in the video above.

OpenAI states that it has restricted the AI model from making direct statements about people, thus restricting ChatGOT users from clicking a picture of a person and asking questions. This will protect the privacy of unsuspecting individuals. Here’s how to use the image prompt in ChatGPT.

  • Head to the ChatGPT app.
  • Click on the plus button.
  • Tap on the camera button to click the picture or gallery button to use pictures on the device.
  • Users can also choose multiple images and the drawing tool to further guide ChatGPT.

This feature is useful to get information about objects and landmarks by using pictures, solving a math problem by taking a picture of the text, and more.