China Limits Online Gaming to 3 Hours a Week For Children to Curb Addiction

Minors in China will only be able to play an hour of online gaming per day on weekends.


The argument could be made that gaming is perhaps the most popular subculture on the planet, and has been for a while now across the globe. Over the years, the negative air and stigma around gaming has slowly dissipated and has even become increasingly popular as a means to garner and audience and make money through streaming.

Yet, for all the progress gaming has made across the globe, it seems like China isn’t quite huge on it yet. Reportedly, the Chinese government, on Monday, issued rules that will enforce a time limit on minors playing online games. According to the rules, minors can play one hour a day on weekends on holidays.

Minors can only play online games from 8 pm to 9 pm and apparently, game companies will be required to use a “real-name verification” system to enforce said rules.

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China puts time restrictions for online gaming in place for minors

Online Gaming

From the wording of the rule, it seems like the time restrictions will be enforced particularly in online games. Online gaming is easily one of the most popular ways to experience video games, but naturally, there is always the risk of minors easily getting wrapped up in the game. Yet, there have been far more elegant solutions to encourage online gamers, especially minors, to play responsibly.

For instance, many online games tend to bring down the multiplier for XP the longer a player stays in the game. Meaning, their time will be rewarded with less and less XP the longer they play. In some cases, games will provide big multipliers and tons of XP the longer a player stays away from the game, thus encouraging players to take breaks and engage in other activities apart from gaming.

It will be interesting to see how the gaming community in China responds to this rule and just how much of an impact it will have on the gaming studios focused on online gaming in China.