Chrome 103 Password Manager for Android Replacing Browser’s Built-In with Default Android

You can now add the Password Manager shortcut on Android.

Google has released the 103rd release of the Chrome browser for Android. The latest update brings several improvements and enhancements, most of which happen behind the scenes. However, there are a few notable features in the list as well. The Chrome Browser now comes with a built-in password manager replacing the old passwords section inside the app’s setting.

While Google does offer a good built-in password manager to save usernames and passwords of multiple apps and websites, unlike other password manager services, there is no dedicated app. With the new update, Google is also adding the ability to save Password manager shortcuts on Android. Check out all the details here.

Chrome 103 Gets Android’s Default Password Manager

If you are on version 103 of Google Chrome on Android, you can open the browser and go to settings which now comes with a new option called “Password Manager” 一 this was previously labelled as “Passwords”. Tapping on this new Password Manager app will now bring up the Google Play Services-powered password manager 一 which looks much cleaner and polished.

The user interface of the new password manager is the same as the on the web with card elements.  You will get a list of all the passwords saved and tapping on them will display the username and password after a face or fingerprint verification. From here, you can copy the password with one tap easily.

How to Add Password Manager Shortcut on Android

With the latest Google Play system update, Google is also adding the ability to add Password Manager shortcuts to your home screen on Android devices. Here is how you can add it to your phone.

  1. Open Settings, scroll down and select “Privacy”
  2. Tap on Advanced (on some phones you might be able to skip this step)
  3. Select “Auto-fill service from Google “
  4. Under your Google account, tap on “Passwords”
  5. Select the Settings icon on the top right
  6. Tap on the “Add shortcut to your home screen option” and tap “Add” again
  7. The shortcut will be added to your home screen

The Chrome version 103 is now rolling out to the stable channel. To get the password manager shortcut, you should also get the latest version of the Google Play system.

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