COD Mobile India Challenge BR Season 2 Won by Team Ghost Along with Rs 6 Lakh Prize Money


Call of Duty Mobile India Challenge Battle Royale Season 2 concluded yesterday in which Team Ghost came out on top to become the reigning champions of the event. The team garnered a total of 180 points and secured 99 kills while having a more than 50-point lead from the second-ranked team, NXG Esports. Team Ghost received Rs 6 lakh prize money for winning the second season of COD Mobile Battle Royale.

COD Mobile India Challenge BR Season 2 featured a set of 16 top teams advanced from both qualifiers 1 and 2 of the event. The Grand Finals of BR Season 2 took place on the 23rd and 24th of July where teams played a total of 10 matches. After 10 matches, Team Ghost raked around 180 points and became the table toppers. They were followed by NXG Esports and FIR Esports in the second and third positions with 128 and 127 points respectively.

COD Mobile India Challenge BR Season 2 Grand Finals Teams and Overall Standings after Day 2

Image via Nodwin Gaming

Following are the teams that have competed in the second season of COD Mobile IC Battle Royale:

  1. Ghost
  2. NXG Esports
  3. Blind Esports
  4. Venom Esports
  5. Team FIR
  6. Xotic Esports
  7. Chapri Gang
  8. XCalibars
  9. Team Randoms
  10. Team D2S
  11. Team D2D
  12. Elite God Esports
  13. Aura Troopers
  14. Team Z
  15. Team Strikers
  16. G7X Renegades

Team FIR and NGX were the first and second teams on the leaderboards on Day 1 with 76 and 72 points respectively. But Team Ghost’s ultimate performance on Day 2 has led them to the top position and ultimately made them the deserving champions.

Let’s have a look at the overall standings of the event:

Image via Nodwin Gaming

The first match of the day was won by Chapri Gang which was played on the Isolated map. CG secured a total of 9 kills and they have eliminated NXG esports in the second position and Venom esports in the third spot who had 8 kills each. Team Ghost and Blind Esports secured 10 kills each in this match.

Image via Nodwin Gaming

Team Ghost has claimed the second match of the day with a massive total of 13 kills whereas KGI Anna alone took 9 kills. Xotic Esports who seemed strong with 14 kills under their name was defeated by Ghost at the second position. Team FIR took 10 kills in this match but was out of the match early but secured 4th spot in the post-match standings.

The third match of the day was won by Team FIR with 11 kills while Ghost secured the second position with 11 kills as well. Team Randoms was eliminated early but managed to grab 10 kills. KGI Manraj from Team Ghost took 5 kills in this match.

Team Ghost has again rung the winning bells in the fourth match of the day with 13 kills. The team eliminated Xotic Esports in the second position who secured a total of 13 kills whereas EgoCH41 alone took 7 kills. Team Xcaliber got out of the match but managed to take a total of 14 kills.

The last match was won by Team FIR in which the team took a total of nine frags. Team Randoms and Ghost secured the second and third positions respectively with 11 and 12 kills respectively.

Top 5 Players from India Challenge BR Season 2

Image via Nodwin Gaming
  1. Jerryz (Ghost) – 26 kills
  2. EgoCH41 (Xotic) – 27 kills
  3. KGI Anna (Team Ghost) – 26 kills
  4. KGI Manrat (Team Vikings) – 26 kills
  5. Reddy (Team Xcalibers) –  23 kills

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Prize Pool Distribution

cod mobile india challenge br season 2
Image via Nodwin Gaming

The Grand Finals has featured a Rs 15 Lakh Prize Pool and it is distributed among the teams as follows:

  • Ghost – Rs 6 Lakhs
  • NXG Esports – Rs 3 Lakhs
  • FIR – Rs 1.4 Lakhs
  • Xotic Esports – Rs 1 Lakh
  • Venom Esports – Rs 40000
  • Chapri Gang – Rs 40000
  • Xcaliber – Rs 40000
  • Randoms – Rs 40000
  • D2S – Rs 30000
  • Aura Troopers – Rs 30000
  • Team Z – Rs 30000
  • Blind Esports – Rs 30000
  • D2D – Rs 20000
  • EliteGods Esports x 71 – Rs 20000
  • Team Strikers – Rs 20000
  • G7X Renegades – Rs 20000

In the post-event interview, KGI Anna from Team Ghost told, ” I alone have not made it, it’s all our team effort where each of our four players has played very well. I had full confidence in my team and they have supported me in every fight.”