Even Console Multiplayer Games Aren’t Safe from Cheating and Aimbots in 2021


Console games, for the most part, have been the safe haven for gamers to play online competitively without the risk of cheaters hovering about in the servers and lobbies. Yet, for as long as online multiplayer has existed, cheating has always been a major part of it.

With improving technology and the democratization of knowledge and coding know-how – cheating in games has evolved by leaps and bounds to the point where console gaming isn’t quite as safe as it once was. To the point where gamers now have access to cheats that essentially turns them into the second coming of Shroud and pop off with headshots across the map without effort.

While this isn’t particularly new, as there have been aimbots and other peripherals gamers have used to gain the upper hand, especially in shooters. The Anti-Cheat Police Department has now shared a rather “revolutionary” form of cheating in shooters that utilizes machine learning to improve aim drastically.

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New Cheat System for Console Games Uses Machine Learning to Aim Automatically for the Player

It bears repeating that this isn’t anything particularly new for console games, as there have been several attempts at developing software as well as hardware to go with it – to bring cheating to consoles.

Yet, according to AntiCheatPD, this is one of the more sophisticated pieces of cheating tech for console games. Essentially, ruining what was previously a rather safe space to enjoy competitive, online multiplayer shooters in peace.

It seems like major studios and publishers are already taking note of this and are actively looking for ways to shut it down preemptively in a bid to keep console games safe. Activision being one of the major publishers working actively to stop word of this so as to reduce its reach.

While console games haven’t been the gold standard for online competitive shooters, they remain a largely fun and hassle-free way to experience games. Cheats like these threaten the semblance of sanctity that consoles still have.