CoWIN 4-digit Security Code: What is It, Where Will You Find, and More Questions Answered

Here’s what you need to about the new 4-digit security code that will be mandatory for COVID vaccination.

The vaccination drive is picking up pace as the government has now allowed people between 18 years and 45 years of age to get vaccinated. You can easily visit the CoWIN application or web portal to book a slot for getting vaccinated. However, there have been many cases lately where people who booked the vaccination slot but didn’t go due to some reasons, got an SMS that the vaccine has been administered to them.

This created hysteria among the individuals. So, in order to curb, the government has introduced a new feature in the CoWIN system known as a 4-digit security code from May 8th. The security code, as per the government, will minimise the inconvenience caused to the citizens due to data entry error by the vaccinator. But what is a 4-digit security code? Where is it printed? When I have to show it? Sure, these questions will baffle many. So, in order to make things easier for you, here’s what you need to about the new 4-digit security code that will be mandatory for COVID vaccination.

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CoWIN: What is 4-digit Security Code?

The CoWIN 4-digit security code is the verification code that has been made mandatory by the government. The security code will help verify the details of the individual who is getting vaccinated. The security code needs to be presented to the vaccinator before getting vaccinated as it will verify the information available in the system.

New Vaccination Procedure: How to Register Get COVID-19 Vaccine After Introduction of 4-digit Security Code?

The process of registering your self on CoWIN platform is as similar as it was before. However, this time, once you apply for the vaccination, you will be given a four-digit security code. Here’s how to register for COVID-19 vaccination after the introduction of the security code feature:

  1. Go to CoWIN application and register or log in to the web portal by entering the mobile number and OTP.
  2. Enter the location of your residence and search for the vaccination centres.
  3. Click on the desired centre and choose the time slot.
  4. Once done, you will get an acknowledgement slip that will have the 4-digit security code. Furthermore, you will get a text message that will contain the security code.
  5. Produce the 4-digit security code at the vaccination center.
  6. Once you get vaccinated, you can download the certificate from the platform.

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Where Can We Find the 4-digit Security Code?

The 4-digit security code will be available in the appointment acknowledgement slip. The security code will be only known to the user and not the vaccinator. Furthermore, the four-digit code will be sent via a confirmation SMS that will be provided after successful booking of appointment. The acknowledgement slip can be saved and shown from the mobile.

Where Should We Present the 4-digit Security Code?

The CoWIN 4-digit security code should be presented at the time of getting a vaccination. The government has made it clear that one should not share the security code with anyone. During the time of vaccination, the vaccinator or the verifier will ask you about the 4-digit security code and then he/she will enter it into the system to verify the record.

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Why is the 4-digit Security Code Required?

The government has said that there have been multiple cases where the citizens that had booked their appointment for COVID vaccination through the CoWIN port didn’t go for the vaccination. However, they have received notification through SMS that a vaccine has been administered to them. The government found out that some of the vaccinators are wrongly marking the citizens as vaccinated. So, in order to curb this, the government has come up with a 4-digit security code. The code will ensure that the citizen, who has booked an online appointment, will be verified before getting vaccinated. “This will reduce the opportunities of impersonation and wrongful use of flexibilities provided in CoWIN for facilitating vaccination coverage,” the government said in a statement.

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Can We Get Vaccine Without the 4-digit Security Code?

No, you cannot get the vaccine without showing the 4-digit security code to the vaccinator. The government has made it mandatory for people to show the security code in order to get vaccinated. Furthermore, people need to show the four-digit code in order to get the vaccination certificate from the centre. The certificate will be only given after the vaccination record has been updated with the security code.

Can We Show the SMS Containing the 4-digit Security Code to Get Vaccination?

Yes, you can show the SMS that contains the 4-digit security code in order to get the vaccination. Users will get the code after they have booked the appointment from the CoWIN application or web portal. One can then present the code via SMS or acknowledgement slip (physical or digital) to the vaccinator present at the centre to verify the record. He/she will then vaccinate you and will give you the certificate.

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