Cyberpunk 2077 on Xbox One and PS4 Riddled With Bugs, Glitches, And Performance Issues

Cyberpunk 2077 is the spiritual successor to Fallout 76


Cyberpunk 2077 is finally here after years of wait. The next-gen game has been facing a lot of heat because of a very unpolished review. While CD Projekt Red delayed the game multiple times to ensure it was smooth when it came out, that seems to have not worked very well. The game was even delayed for more fine-tuning after it went gold.

More recently, however, we heard CDPR CEO Adam Kiciński had said that Cyberpunk 2077 will run “surprisingly well” on last-gen consoles, PS4 and Xbox One. However, that seems to be far from the truth as Cyberpunk 2077 seems to be suffering from some major performance issues that make it nearly unplayable on older hardware.

Cyberpunk 2077 Doesn’t Run “Surprisingly Well” On PS4 and Xbox One

Cyberpunk 2077 has been touted as a next-gen game that will run just fine on your current hardware. We have seen the minimum system requirements on PC set quite low for a game that seemed demanding. On the console side of things, we pretty much got an official statement as mentioned above.

However, since the release, there have been nothing but complaints about Cyberpunk 2077 not working well enough on the older consoles. It looks like the PS4 and Xbox One consoles are running the game at lower than 720p it appears, which isn’t very smooth either. The performance is much worse than you’d expect, even if you weren’t expecting wonders from the last-gen hardware.

Fans are reporting blurry visuals, constant crashes, bad render times, so much so that some of the elements in-game cannot be interacted with. It seems like the games weren’t tested nearly enough on older console hardware before CDPR decided to portray Cyberpunk 2077 as a game that won’t require absolutely the latest and greatest hardware.

Updates are bound to arrive, but it will be a long walk to get the experience on PS4 and Xbox One to acceptable levels.

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