Dancing on the Grave OTT Release Date: Amazon Prime to Premiere Show on April 21

In a first for it, Amazon Prime has decided to stream a crime docu-series Dancing on the Grave on April 21. Read on for more information on the show, cast, crew, and other details.

  • Amazon Prime to release Dancing on Grave on April 21
  • The show is a crime docu-series, a first for Amazon Prime
  • The show will have an interview with the convict of the case


The murder of Shakereh Namazi in May 1991 shook the nation. For the first time, DNA testing was used to determine the victim’s identity, and the exhumation procedure was recorded on film. Shakereh Namazi, the granddaughter of Sir Mirza Ismail, a former Dewan of Mysore, was buried alive in the backyard of her large home on 81 Richmond Road on May 28, 1991, by her second husband, Murli Manohar Misra, also known as Swami Shraddhananda, who had been longing for her property.

After adding sedatives to Shakereh’s tea, Shraddhananda put her to sleep before burying her alive. Raju, their housekeeper, and his wife Josephine were the last people to see Shakereh with her husband. After that, no one saw Shakereh or spoke to her. She was 40 years old. Her skeletal remains were discovered three years later, on March 30, 1994, in the backyard of her home.

This story has now become the subject of Amazon Prime Video’s first local true-crime docu-series. The streaming service announced yesterday, that it would release a docu-series on the gruesome murder on its platform on April 21 and provide the audience with the known and unknown facts of the case.

When and Where to Watch Dancing on the Grave

‘Dancing on the Grave’ will make its India Prime Video debut on April 21. Announcing the date of the release of the Docu-series, Amazon Prime tweeted “Shakereh Khaleeli’s case will shake your perception of spine-chilling #DancingOnTheGraveOnPrime, Apr 21.

Official trailer and Plot

The documentary series, according to the streaming site, is an amalgamation of old clips, news clippings, interviews, and dramatisations that explores Shakereh’s abrupt disappearance and gruesome death. Shakereh was a member of the former royal family of Mysuru in Karnataka. Through exclusive interviews with key participants in the events as well as some observers, the docu-series Dancing On The Grave looks into the enigmatic murder. The tale delves deeper into the murder that rocked the country 30 years ago and includes the murderer himself in addition to the known facts about the incident.

Kanishka Singh Deo contributed to the docuseries’ co-writing, which was made by India Today Originals Production. Over 57 people from throughout the country were interviewed as part of the research, which included reading over 22,000 pages regarding the case in detail. Anup Upadhyay, Patrali Chattopadhyay, Shafaq Naaz, Madhusudan Naik, Bhavya Sharma, and Mohini Kewalramani are among the cast members of Dancing on the Grave. The show is directed by Patrick Graham.


The streaming giant dropped the official trailer of the show just last night and 390K people have viewed and 5.4k liked it, which shows the hype the show has created among the audience.

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