Dead Island 2 Could Finally be Re-Revealed Later This Year: Reports

The game was first revealed at E3 2014.


In a recent episode of Sacred Symbols podcast (spotted by ComicBook), host Colin Moriarty alluded to Dead Island 2 potentially being revealed again this year. Fans might remember seeing a reveal trailer for Dead Island 2 back in E3 2014, but the project was then cancelled as a result of negative fan reception and backlash.

Publisher Deep Silver has hinted at Dead Island 2 being brought back but nothing substantial has been revealed, until now. If the rumour is accurate, the game could be revealed and also be released soon in 2022, but there hasn’t been any official word from Deep Silver or the developer, Dambuster Studios.

The game is a sequel to Techland’s 2011 game, Dead Island, which had received mixed reviews, and the developer would later go on to find major success with Dying Light and its sequel.

Dead Island 2 Could Be Making a Comeback in 2022

Dying Light has often been considered a spiritual successor to 2011’s Dead Island in that it also includes elements of zombie combat, melee, and parkour. However, the majority of the gaming community would agree that Dying Light was the more polished affair of the two and that, as a franchise, it had lost most of the shine that it had back when it was revealed.

One of the more curious reasons why fans felt let down by the 2011 game was the game’s fantastic cinematic trailer. The trailer is regarded as perhaps one of the best game trailers ever made, but on the other hand, it severely misrepresented the final product, which ended up being a lot lighter and non-serious, in stark contrast to the moody and melancholic trailer.

Most in the community didn’t expect Deep Silver to follow up on the 2011 title with a sequel, but the game was still revealed at E3 2014. If the game is to be finally released again, then the publisher must see the value in the IP, enough to warrant a re-reveal nearly 8 years later.

It will be interesting to see what Deep Silver has in store and whether Dead Island 2 will be able to pick up momentum in 2022.