Death Stranding 2 is in Early Development, Norman Reedus Accidentally Confirms

Kojima Productions hasn't yet confirmed a sequel.


In a recent interview with Leo Edit, it appears that actor Norman Reedus may have just confirmed Death Stranding 2 as being in development. Reedus played the protagonist, Sam Porter Bridges, in 2019’s Death Stranding, but so far, Kojima Productions has not revealed officially if a sequel was indeed in the works.

Death Stranding was one of the biggest first-party exclusives for PlayStation and even with a polarizing reception from the audience on launch – the game has performed exceedingly well – well enough to warrant a release on PC as well. Game-maker Hideo Kojima hasn’t yet responded to Reedus’ comments, save for a humorous post on Twitter seemingly in response to the actor’s comments in the interview.

If Reedus’ comments are to be believed, then it might seem that development on the sequel is still in the early stages and it will be a while before we see more of the game.

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Death Stranding 2 Might Already Be in the Works at Kojima Productions

In the same interview, Reedus explained exactly how he came to work with Hideo Kojima on the game and how acclaimed director Guillermo Del Toro was instrumental in bringing the two together. The 2019 game is now considered one of the most popular first-party titles and has won several accolades over the years, including several nominations for various GOTY awards.

The actor will more than likely be reprising his role as Sam Porter Bridges in the sequel and it will be interesting to see what creative direction the studio goes in next.

Rumors of Kojima Productions working on a new game began to surface earlier this year when photos of the studio’s new Motion Capture stage surfaced online. Although Kojima himself hasn’t yet confirmed the veracity of Reedus’ comments, a sequel to Death Stranding doesn’t sound unrealistic.

PlayStation currently has a lot of irons in the fire and it likely that Kojima Productions’ next game is likely a first-party title for SI.