Dell Rolled Out a New BIOS Update that is Causing its Laptops to Crash on Boot

A range of Dell Inspiron and Latitude laptops, as well as Alienware Aurora R8 desktop, is said to have been affected by the BIOS update.


Dell appears to havethe laptops issued a BIOS update, which has broken a number of its laptops to crash. According to a host of user complaints, as per reports, the laptops are crashing before they are booting up — and is only happening after the BIOS update was rolled out. It is not clear yet if Dell has acknowledged the BIOS issue, but it is likely that a fix for the same will be issued soon.

According to user reports, a range of Dell Inspiron and Latitude laptops, which are fairly popular mainstream Windows PC lineups — something that makes the issue a significant one to note. Specifically, the Dell Inspiron 5680 series, Latitude 5320 and 5520 series, and the Alienware Aurora R8 desktops have been affected by the BIOS update issue.

It is not quite clear as to what the issue with the Dell BIOS update is, which may have caused the technical issue. A detailed description of the BIOS issue that is preventing the PCs from booting will likely be published by the OEM (original equipment manufacturer) — prior to a fix being issued to resolve the issue.

Dell, on this note, is yet to issue a description of the issue. Reports on the matter by users have stated that even if an affected Dell laptop is booting up, it is shutting down shortly afterward and failing to start after that.

To fix the issue, users of the affected Dell laptops can use the company’s SupportAssist OS recovery programme. The latter can help users to roll back a version of their BIOS firmware, which will help users to continue using their devices in a workable state — until the next update is rolled out.

A BIOS firmware update is typically crucial as they help users keep their PCs updated with key security patches against commonly exploited zero-day vulnerabilities. While recovering, users are recommended to disconnect their laptop batteries, and restart their laptops by pressing the power button for 15 seconds.