Diablo Immortal is Now Available for Pre-Registration on iOS

Diablo Immortal has already been available for pre-registrations on Android, after having been first unveiled back in 2018.


Diablo Immortal, the hack-and-slash dungeon crawler game from Activision Blizzard, is finally available for gamers on iOS to pre-register. The game is still not available as of now, to be clear – that date still remains unclear as we move into the fourth year since the game was first showcased.

However, Diablo Immortal can now be pre-registered for on both iOS and Android, with the developers further announcing that if the iOS game gets 30 million pre-registrations before its launch, the developers will unlock a special ‘cosmetic’ set called Horadrim at the game’s launch.

Diablo Immortal: The Story So Far

Diablo Immortal has been among the most awaited mobile games in the hack-and-slash crawler games category. There isn’t a lot that have been officially revealed regarding the overall gameplay, but segmented visuals of the game have suggested that it will offer considerably high resolution graphics as part of its key offerings.

The game was first unveiled back in 2018, but initial reactions suggested that fans of the Diablo series were mostly unimpressed with the idea of a mobile version of the Diablo game. However, since then, initial alpha version trials with gamers, developers and select media personnel have seen positive reactions in terms of what the game brings to the table.

The recently unveiled pre-registration cosmetic trailer of Diablo Immortal also gives gamers a glimpse into how the game would look, and its character designs. By the looks of it, Diablo Immortal players will get to choose from multiple character types, who would each be defined by a particular style of outfits and weapons. Each type would also presumably come with specific abilities and powers – as well as strengths and weaknesses.

It remains to be seen if Diablo Immortal largely focuses on multiplayer experiences, or ends up with a storyline as well where single players can take on a timeline of events as well. All of this should be revealed this year itself, but unfortunately, there is still no specific timeline for when the game would be released. Given that pre-registrations have been opened, the game may be introduced within the coming weeks.