How to disable the notch on the OnePlus 6

OnePlus included a feature on the OnePlus 6 that enables you to "disable" the notch.


The year of 2018 has certainly been the year of the notch when it comes to smartphone design. OEM’s have adopted the universally accepted method of housing a front-facing camera and the associated sensors in a notch out of the display to achieve a full-screen bezel-less display. Some OEM’s do the notch better than others, while some consumers don’t like the notch at all.

OnePlus included a feature on the OnePlus 6 that enables you to “disable” the notch. What this means, in reality, is the screen either side of the notch displays a solid black color and essentially equalizes the notch to make it appear that the screen stops at that point and the notch is gone.

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How to turn off the OnePlus 6 notch

Turning off the OnePlus 6 notch is super simple. Head to “Settings” and into “Display”, where you’ll find “Notch Display”. When in this menu, you’ll find two options to either show the notch where the screen will be active and wrap around either side of the notch or to hide the notch area that will turn either side of the notch black.

The result doesn’t magically make the notch disappear, but when using apps, it becomes unnoticeable for those who perhaps don’t like the appearance of the notch.

I personally like the way the display wraps around the notch to house the notifications and time in the upper corners of the device to allow the maximum screen real estate for apps.

Turning the notch on again if your preference change is as simple as just doing the above instructions in reverse. The fact OnePlus has included this feature shows the company appreciates the notch isn’t too everyone’s taste. Admitting this highlights the company agrees that the solution isn’t ideal but is the best option it currently has to retain the front-facing camera and sensors while also maximizing screen real-estate.

Let us know in the comments below your thoughts on the notch. Does it bother you and you would prefer to turn it off, or do you not mind and keep it on?