Dota 2 Patch 7.32e Brings-in New Hero ‘Muerta,’ 7.33 Update Release Date Revealed

Valve has released a new 7.32e patch update in Dota 2, which brings in a new hero named Muerta, and a mini-game with the new patch.

  1. A new hero named ‘Muerta’ arrives in Dota 2 with the new 7.32e patch update.
  2. The new hero has four abilities – Dead shot, The calling, Gunslinger, and Pierce the Evil.
  3. Valve has announced that Patch 7.33 will be released in late April this year.


After a long wait, Dota 2 is getting a new patch and a new hero ‘Muerta’ is released  alongside the new patch 7.32e titled the Dead Reckoning Update, on Tuesday (7 March).

Patch 7.32 has been live for over six months, making it one of the longest in Dota 2 history. Fans had grown tired of some of the obvious imbalanced heroes, such as Lina, Nature’s Prophet, and Riki. Valve has finally addressed this issue by nerfing the overpowering aspects of these heroes while also giving some love to heroes such as Anti-Mage and Windranger who have been out of the picks for quite some time.

Muerta, a hybrid-damage carry, is the most recent addition to Dota 2’s roster, which now amounts to a total of 124 heroes. The master of death is an ethereal gunslinger with the ability to fear and silence targets, as well as an ultimate that transforms her gunshots into magical damage.

Instead of the usual post-patch celebration, the community appears to be disappointed. Given that the game has been on the 7.32 patch since August of last year, many fans were hoping for major changes to Dota 2.

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New Hero in DOTA 2 – Muerta is Now Available dota 2

Muerta instead comes with 7.32e, which focuses on balancing some of the meta’s most obnoxious heroes. The most noteworthy change in this latest patch is the arrival of the new carry hero Muerta. Muerta is a flexible ranged hero with a powerful arsenal of damage, nukes, and disables, making her suited for a variety of roles such as carry, mid, offlane, and even support. Down below are the abilities of Muerta:

  • Dead Shot: This allows her to fire a ghostly trickshot at an opponent unit or tree. As the bullet hits, it injures and temporarily slows before ricocheting in the preferred direction. The ricochet damages all units it travels through until it stops when it hits a hero. Heroes who are hit by ricochets are frightened away from the impact.
  • The Calling: It summons a group of four revenants who slowly circle the desired location. Enemies in the vicinity are slowed and their attack speed is reduced. When they move through opponents, revenants deliver harm and quiet them. In a team fight, this allows her to effectively zone out opponents.
  • Gunslinger: It allows her attacks to fire a second shot at a different target, favouring Heroes. This will let her farm extremely rapidly and engage in team fights with many heroes.
  • Pierce the Evil: When she uses her ability, she changes, becoming impervious to physical damage and dealing magical damage with all of her attacks. Muerta obtains increased attack damage as well as phased mobility. Muerta has the ability to strike ethereal units but does not do damage to Magic Immune targets.

The update also includes a mini-game in which players may earn points for kills and assists in matches, which they can then redeem for new Day of the Dead-themed item sets.

If you want to read the complete patch notes, go to Valve’s official page for the Dota 2 Dead Reckoning 7.32e Update.

Patch 7.33 is Set to Release in Late April

dota 2 muerta

While not included on the main update page, Valve published a blog post discussing some of the minor and more technical improvements contained in the Dead Reckoning update, and stated that patch 7.33 will be out in late April. The team described 7.33 as an ambitious gameplay patch on the blog, hinting that we may finally be getting some of the game-changing features that fans have been requesting.

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