Dying Light 2 Developer Techland Reveals Ridiculous System Requirements

Looks like this one's going to need some major hardware to run on High presets.


Dying Light 2 is easily one of the most highly anticipated releases of the coming year and Techland have just revealed the system requirements for the game. From the looks of it, players should be able to run the game on Low preset at 1080p with a decent NVIDIA GTX 1050i, however, even with an RTX 3080, it looks like the highest players can push the resolution and FPS is 1080p @60fps.

The norm for major AAA titles in the current generation is to allow the game to run 4K at 60fps, and in some cases, 120fps (at reduced resolution). This is exactly why the game recommending an absurdly powerful RTX 3080 to run the game at 1080p feels kind of weird.

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Dying Light 2 system requirements feel kind of weird

Dying Light 2

Typically, an RTX 3080 doesn’t make it onto the ‘Recommended’ section of the system requirements page, but even if it does, it’s usually able to go beyond offering Full HD gaming. Dying Light 2 may very well be one of the best-looking games ever, but the fact that both the RTX 2070 and the 3080 play the game at the same resolution does seem a bit awkward.

For one, the jump in the performance of the two GPUs is pretty dramatic. Which should essentially mean that that the game plays far better on the RTX 3080 than it does on 2070, but it looks like that will not be the case, as the only difference is Low and High RT presets. If it takes a massive RTX 3080 to play the game on 1080p with everything else set to High, one can only imagine what in the world could possibly run the game at 4K, if it can do so at all.

Perhaps Dying Light 2 could set a dangerous new precedent, where to get the best out of a game, players are going to have to shell a boatload of cash for a massive GPU like the RTX 3080. From what Techland has shown of Dying Light 2 so far, it looks like a pretty solid game and a technical masterpiece, but the system requirements do seem a bit concerning at this point.