Here’s How EA and DICE are Fixing Battlefield 2042: Huge Patch Lined Up for December

DICE has detailed the future of the game for the next few months.


After much fanfare, Battlefield 2042 is finally out and the response has been far less than optimal up until this point. The lukewarm reception from the fans as well as critics has stemmed from an apparent lack of polish when it comes to the game and a litany of bugs and balancing issues that seems to take away from the core quality of the game.

Battlefield 2042’s public debut has been far from the best and the game now has a “Mostly Negative” score on Steam as a result of the issues at launch. Dice is still hard at work trying to get the game up to standard and hopefully win back many fans who feel like the game is not up to the mark. To that end, Dice has just detailed their areas of focus when it comes to Battlefield 2042 and what the roadmap looks like for the game.

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Dice details updates and fixes coming to Battlefield 2042 in the future

Battlefield 2042

Dice has confirmed that at least two major game updates will be available in the next few weeks, including one major update in December. Along with this, the dev team has ensured fans that they will indeed be working on bringing back legacy features such as End-of-Match Scoreboard, Server Browser, and Voice Chat. Update #2 for the game will be available on Thursday, November 25, followed by a further, substantial Update #3 in early December.

Areas of Focus for Battlefield 2042, as detailed by DICE:

  1. Performance and Stability (Servers, Hardware)

2. Gunplay and Balance

Update #2:

  • Reduced spread globally when zoomed and moving
  • Improved stationary zoomed accuracy for many weapons
  • Spread now decreases faster and earlier when pacing shots. This means more success with single-fire or short bursts.
  • Increased PP-29 vertical recoil to ensure that the weapon does not overperform when engaging outside of its intended combat range.


Update #3

  • Fixed an issue where spread would be too high when trying to fire while zoomed right after sprinting for some Portal weapons.
  • Reduced effectiveness of the NTW-50 against vehicles.

3. Solo/Co-Op Custom Portal Experience Progression

For a complete list and breakdown of changes and fixes coming to Battlefield 2042 in the next few weeks, head on over to Dice’s briefing linked here.