eFootball Released Today: Konami’s Free-to-Play Football Game Is Now The Worst-Rated Game on Steam

Things haven't gotten to a good start for eFootball.


When Konami announced their plans to release a free-to-play football title, eFootball, as a successor to PES, many were hedging their bets on it to be good. One of the biggest contributing factors to fans rallying behind eFootball was the hope that the free-to-play game and hopefully its success might inspire a change of direction from EA towards the free-to-play model as opposed to the full-price annual release.

Yet, from the looks of it, eFootball hasn’t gotten off to a great start as the game was released today, and PC users on Steam didn’t quite enjoy what they had in front of them. As it currently stands, eFootball has over 10,000 reviews, of which only 8% of them are positive – meaning it is now the worst-rated title on Steam.

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eFootball off to a rather disastrous start with an all-time low score on Steam

Players’ issue with the game stem not from just the categorically dated player models or the seemingly PS2-era aesthetics of it all, but also from its gameplay, which needs a lot of work. Many reviews point out eFootball’s seemingly janky gameplay and controls, with many bindings on controllers often being rather confusing and counter-intuitive.

Yet, all hope is not lost for Konami’s free-to-play experiment, as it being a live service game, there is hope for improvement with post-launch updates, patches, DLC, and a lot more. But in its current state, it looks like EA and FIFA can comfortably maintain their positions at the top of the football sim genre.

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While players were aware that certain concessions would need to be made due to the game’s free-to-play nature, perhaps a scale-back of this magnitude came as a surprise. Konami does have a roadmap of post-launch content for eFootball, so here’s hoping that they can turn things around in the months to come.