Elden Ring Endless Death Loop Bug on PC Fixed by FromSoftware

Elden Ring has been a smash hit, with publisher Bandai Namco stating that the game has sold over 12 million copies in 18 days.


Elden Ring, a game that has seen massive popularity since being launched, has just seen one of its biggest vulnerabilities patched by the game’s developer, FromSoftware. In a rather awkward bug that has since been exploited by many disruptors in the game, Elden Ring saw players being teleported away from their area within the game and out of the map. This caused a logic error, which led to the characters spawning outside the game’s map – and therefore falling to death every time they would respawn.

Elden Ring Flaw: Why it was Crucial

The key reason why it was crucial is because through this tactic, players have reported losing hundreds of hours of gameplay. That is a lot of time spent in the game, gone waste because the save files are no longer recoverable.

The loop happened due to an unpatched flaw in the game, which many disruptors and miscreants in the game took advantage of. The sequence of events would proceed such where the game would see the miscreants attack a player on an area within the map. This attack would then lead to a teleport attack, which would see the seemingly unsuspecting player being sent out of the map area.

While in normal conditions, this would lead to the player in question respawning in an unspecified area of the game, the flaw led to the player respawning outside the map itself. Compounding the issue, the game would also automatically save progress the moment a player respawns, which meant that the last saved place for the player in the game turned out to be outside the game’s map – causing them to fall to death and die every time they respawned in the game.

This was a seemingly unrecoverable situation, and also led to players losing all their saved game data. All of this has been patched in the game now, including a second flaw that was preventing players from making progresses within certain levels in the game. Some players have reportedly said that if their reaction times were fast enough to be teleported elsewhere within the map, they could still save their game data.

However, if you have fallen prey to this trick, you’re mostly going to have to start playing the game from the start – again.