Electric Scooter Battery Explodes While Charging, Kills 7-Years Old Boy

It is suspected that the battery exploded due to overheating during charging.

(Representative Image: PTI)

An electric scooter battery exploded inside a house in Maharashtra recently, killing a seven-year-old boy. The incident is being reported from Vasai area in the Palghar district of Maharashtra, as information to date indicates that the electric scooter was kept on charging when its battery exploded.

The unfortunate incident took place on September 23 and has now been confirmed in a report by PTI. Citing police officials investigating the matter, the report mentions that the electric vehicle unit had been assembled in Jaipur, from where the father of the deceased had bought it for his use.

As the electric scooter was kept on charging inside the house on September 23, its battery exploded, starting a fire in the living room area of the house. The explosion sparked a fire in a television set kept nearby, which subsequently spread to other parts of the house. The explosion of the battery even caused severe burn injuries to the seven-year-old boy named Shabbir, who was asleep with his mother in the room. The boy was rushed to the hospital where he succumbed to his injuries, as per the police officials.

It is believed that the battery of the e-scooter exploded due to excessive heating. A case has now been registered with the Manikpur Police Station and further investigation into the matter is underway.

The incident comes just weeks after a fire broke out in an electric vehicle showroom on the ground floor of a building in Telangana. A total of eight people were killed while several others were injured after the fire spread to a lodge on the first and second floors of the building. The incident took place in Telangana’s Secunderabad. Preliminary reports point to an explosion in either an electric bike or a generator inside the Ruby Motors showroom as the possible cause.

With incidents of this kind rising in number, the Centre may move to penalise EV manufacturers that sell faulty units which are prone to explosions and fires. A new set of battery safety standard provisions are also to come into effect soon, in an attempt to mitigate further such incidents in the country.

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