Elon Musk Calls Dogecoin the Future of Cryptocurrency, Yet Asks People to Invest With Caution

Dogecoin is the future currency but doesn't invest your life-saving in the crypto gamble says Elon Musk.


Tesla CEO Elon Musk has recently supported cryptocurrency Dogecoin on his official social media handle and motivated people to make some cryptocurrency investment as well. In the last couple of months, we have witnessed a huge hike in Dogecoin market value. At the beginning of April, the price of Dogecoin was Rs 5 and now at the time of writing this article, it’s Rs 46 you can see the difference in the price. In the latest public interaction, Elon Musk stated that cryptocurrency could be the future of currency.

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What Elon Musk Thinks About Dogecoin

However, he also suggested that people should not invest their life savings in cryptocurrency and “don’t go far with a crypto gamble.” According to Musk, the invention of Dogecoin was invented as a joke to make fun of cryptocurrency but it became the real currency and that is the irony. So if you’re looking forward to making some investment in this gamble then do it wisely.

Elon Musk is the biggest promoter of Dogecoin since the beginning of this year. He is also a reason behind the hiked price of cryptocurrency across the globe. Due to his tweets about Dogecoin, the rest of the world started investing in Dogecoin and the meme crypto became popular in a couple of months.

If you’re wondering how to buy the cryptocurrency then you’re at the right place. We will tell you how to purchase some Dogecoins for yourself. To buy Dogecoin you need crypto exchanges that allow you to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. Just to make it easier for your understanding, crypto exchanges are the apps or websites like CoinSwitch and WazirX which helps in crypto trading.

All you need to do is to download the app on your smartphone, set up your account with KYC and start investing in cryptocurrency. These apps will also give you a real-time update on cryptocurrency price, but make sure you invest with caution.

Elon Musk Hosting Saturday Night Live

Elon Musk is all set to host the Saturday Night Live show this weekend. It’s a show that features Miley Cyrus as the musical guest. Recently Musk asked his Twitter audience about sketch ideas and also shared some of his ideas on the social media platform. It would be interesting to what Musk is going to talk about at the show. 

“Irony Man — defeats villains using the power of irony,” Musk tweeted on May 1. (Actor Robert Downey Jr. has said he drew inspiration from Musk in shaping his portrayal of Tony Stark in the “Iron Man” films, and the billionaire entrepreneur has a cameo in “Iron Man 2.”) “Baby Shark & Shark Tank merge to form Baby Shark Tank,” Musk wrote in a tweet.

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