Elon Musk Posts a Poll on Twitter About Edit Button, Parag Agrawal says, “Please Vote Carefully”

Elon Musk's Tweet asking if the users wanted an Edit Button has the CEO Parag Agrawal caution everyone before voting.


Elon Musk, the head honcho behind tech companies like SpaceX and Tesla has regularly been in the hotbed of controversies with his opinions shared on Twitter. Following that up he had recently started inquiring his followers on Twitter about the essentials of a successful social media platform.

And only yesterday news became public of Musk acquiring a 9.2 percent passive stake in social media company, Twitter. Musk acquired 73.5 million shares of the social media platform worth nearly $3 billion, which essentially makes him the single largest shareholder of Twitter at the moment.

Musk recently posted a poll on his Twitter handle inquiring if people wanted an edit button on Twitter.

Why Musk’s Poll Could have Real Consequences

In light of Musk’s acquisition of the largest single stake in Twitter, his poll about a much asked for feature could have tangible results. And this seems to have been reiterated by Parag Agrawal the current CEO of the social media platform. He quoted Musk’s tweet and wrote, “The consequences of this poll will be important. Please vote carefully.”

While the importance of Musk’s tweet was given, Agrawal’s confirmation of the same seems to zero in on the importance of the results of that poll. Although Musk reportedly has only a passive stake in the company the poll and the reiteration of the CEO seems to enforce the idea that he could be playing a bigger role than was let on.

The Edit Button has been a much asked for feature on Twitter and something that has been a topic of hot debates among the users of the platform. While some argue that the edit button would rob character of the platform and would allow people to edit out controversial opinions, others say it is needed to edit out mistakes made while posting.

Interestingly the choice of words from the Twitter CEO is a shadow of a tweet from Musk which was exactly the same.

The Twitter users that happened to notice this raised some eyebrows and some even joked that the CEO might just be parroting words. But with Musk now being an important member of the board of the company he might just be in a position to convince Twitter to finally add the much asked for Edit button.