Emoji Meanings: Different Types of Emojis Used on WhatsApp and Other Chatting Apps with Meanings

We have detailed this guide for you in which we are going to talk about emojis and what they exactly mean?


Emojis have become an integral part of our conversations, whether on WhatsApp or other messaging platforms. They are often used to describe the feelings of the sender without saying a word. You don’t need to type so many words to describe your feelings instead an emoji will do that. With so many emojis out there, it is hard to remember which emoji is used for what purposes. Therefore, we have detailed this guide for you in which we are going to talk about emojis and what they exactly mean? Without any further ado, let’s get started.

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What are Emojis?

An emoji is a graphic representation of the emotions embedded in the text. It can be a pictogram, logogram, ideogram, or smiley. Most of the time, it’s a smiley that you use on your Android devices. Your phone, laptop or tablets come with a keyboard that has a dedicated emoji library. You can find hundreds of faces, icons, and objects, these visual representations are known as emojis. These emojis are further divided into different categories such as food and drinking, facial expressions, animals, flags, etc.

Types of Emojis and Their Meaning

Emojis are available in big numbers and hence they are divided into various categories and each category has a different meaning. This helps you to find the emoji you want easier. Here’re the different types of emojis and their meaning.

Smileys and people

These emojis are used to expression feelings and more. Check out the full list her:




Grinning Conveys cheerfulness and joy towards something positive


Smiley It refers to happiness and positive feelings


Smile The smile emoji depicts a person’s happiness when sending a greeting text or simply used to compliment something or the other 


Grin The grin emoji represents mischievousness but can be used to give away excitement and enjoyment


Laughing The emoji depicts laughter often used to react towards something hilarious


Sweat smile Used to depict a close call but is also often used in awkward situations during a chat


Rolling on the floor laughing Used when someone cracks a hilarious joke


Joy Shedding tears because of laughing so hard


Slightly smiling face An emoji which can have two or more meanings to it such as being positive, happy or patronizing and being ironic


Upside down face The emoji depicts being silly and sarcastic


Wink This emoji signals a joke or a hidden meaning which when used won’t be understood by many


Blush This emoji expresses extreme happiness and positive feelings


Innocent This emoji means being as innocent and pure as an angel


Heart eyes Taken straight from cartoons, the hearted eyes emoji is used to convey feeling of love and attraction


Kissing heart The emoji is used to convey a goodbye to a very close one


Kissing closed eyes The pink cheeks and puckered lips on this emoji convey sentiments of love and affection


Kissing smiling eyes This emoji is also used to convey sentiments of love and affection but in a lighter way


Yum Used when one is about to have a delicious meal, or already had one


Stuck out tongue This conveys a sense of excitement, fun and cuteness


Stuck out tongue winking eye Used when just casually kidding around with jokes and funny conversations


Neutral face When the other person doesn’t get the joke but can also be used in context to concern for someone


Expressionless The flat eyes and mouth convey a sense of frustration or disappointment


Thinking face Depicts going into a deep state of thinking


Shushing face When the chat has gone with loads of messages and you want to make everyone quiet


Hugging face This emoji depicts a sense of affection for someone


Zipper mouth face Used when secrets and promises are to be kept among only certain number of people


Money mouth face This emoji conveys the feeling of getting a good sum of money


No mouth This conveys the situations when one has no words to speak due to being disappointment in a positive or negative way


Smirk The emoji to use when you’ve achieved something great and can’t wait to boast around it


Unamused face Generally related to negative emotions. This emoji conveys grumpiness or irritation towards someone or something


Face with rolling eyes Used when the other person says something obvious or too dumb


Grimacing face The wide-open mouth and clenched teeth depict awkwardness or nervousness


Lying face taken straight from the fictional character Pinocchio, this emoji depicts lying


Relieved face This emoji depicts a sense of calmness, peace or satisfaction


Pensive face An emoji used to describe a state of pain and sorrow


Sleeping face One can use this emoji to convey “good night” to a chat


Sleepy face The emoji depicts the feeling of exhaustion after a long tiring day


Drooling face This emoji denotes the irresistibility over a yummy food


Face with medical mask This describes the wearing of a mask to protect from viruses and airborne diseases


Face with thermometer This emoji depicts a sick person


Face with head bandage The emoji denotes a bad head injury


Nauseated Face The face depicting ‘about to throw up’


Face vomiting This represents disgust or an actual food illness


Sneezing face The emoji to use when someone has fallen sick and caught cold


Hot face When the temperature is rising


Cold face When temperature touches rock bottom. Extremely cold


Woozy face When you had too much booze


Face with crossed-out eyes This emoji denotes disbelief or in some cases even death


Exploding head Read, heard or saw something extremely shocking and amusing


Cowboy hat face A simple smiley emoji with a cowboy hat


Partying face Party time!


Disguised face Sneaking into solving a particular case or matter


Smiling face with sunglasses Feeling overachieved and cool


Nerd face Depicting a mind loaded with theoretical knowledge


Face with Monocle This emoji depicts taking a closer into something


Confused face An emoji giving a look of uncertainty


Frowning face This emoji denotes a deeply saddened state


Face with Open mouth A round mouth emoji describing a shock which makes one go ‘wow!’


Hushed face The emoji depicts mild amusement or surprise


Astonished face Used when one comes across something amusing or shocking in both positive or negative way


Flushed face A surprised emoji with eyes wide opened


Pleading face Depicts wanting of something so bad that eyes become full of tears


Anguished face Depicting sadness and disappointment at the same time


Fearful face This emoji intends to depict fear from someone or something


Sad but relieved face Sad and relieved at the same time as things could’ve gone much worst


Loudly crying face This emoji conveys inconsolable grief but is also used in fun ways such as laughter or over the top joy


Face screaming in fear This emoji depicts a high degree of shock which can be both positive and negative


Confounded face The zig-zag mouth with crossed eyes on this emoji convey irritation, sadness and rather all kinds of negative feelings


Disappointed face This emoji conveys an unhappy and sad face due to some recent events


Downcast face with sweat This emoji conveys a certain degree of sadness, pain or disappointment


Tired face When you’ve had a rough and tiring day at work


Yawning face Used when someone’s feeling sleepy


Face with steam from nose Taken inspiration from manga or anime, this emoji depicts angriness and frustration


Face with symbols on the mouth This emoji depicts vulgar behaviour due to being too much furious at someone or something


Angry face with horns When the sender of this emoji becomes so angry that they turn into devils with horns


Smiling face with horns When the sender of this emoji is onto something mischievous or wicked


Skull This emoji represents death from extreme laughter or frustration


Pile of poo One of the most popular emojis. a poo emoji can be used to describe something as silly or funny but in a disgusting way


Clown face A circus clown can be used to describe something as creepy or haunted


Japanese ogre A kind of hideous ogre in Japanese folklore


Goblin The goblin emoji denotes evil, anger, cruel behaviour


Ghost The ghost emoji can be used to convey someone or something as goofy and strange


Alien A spooky face of an alien from outer space


Alien monster An alien monster from a video game of some sort


Robot face The head of a classic vintage robot


Cat face A yellow cat face emoji


See no evil monkey A monkey covering its eyes


Hear no evil monkey A monkey covering its ears 


Speak no evil monkey A monkey covering its  mouth 


Boy face A simple emoji portraying a boy’s face


Girl face A simple emoji portraying a girl’s face


Eyes Huge eyes emoji with the pupil pointing to the left


Writing hands An emoji depicting the action of writing with a pen or pencil


Waving hand Used either at the start or at the end of the conversation


Mechanical arm A robotic artificial arm


Selfie A human arm depicting the action of taking a selfie from a mobile phone

Animal and nature

There are several emojis that depict animal kingdom and nature. Following is the list of animal and nature-related emojis.




Monkeyface A monkeyface emoji with wide-open eyes


Monkey A small primate with long limbs


Gorilla An emoji of a grey haired gorilla


Orangutan The orange-haired ape emoji with long arms


Dogface An emoji portraying the face of a dog


Dog A dog emoji generally known as ‘human’s best friend’


Wolf An emoji portraying the face of a wolf


Fox An emoji portraying the face of a fox


Raccoon A gray raccoon emoji


Cat A cat emoji which is generally kept as a pet


Lion face A simple emoji with a face of a lion


Tiger A large orange cat with black stripes across its body


Leopard A large yellow cat with black yellow spots


Horse A horse emoji depicted as galloping towards the left


Unicorn A mythical and fantasy animal


Zebra An emoji of the popular black striped animal called zebra


Bison A brown bison shown in full profile with horns, a beard, and woolly mane


Cow A dairy cow emoji with black spots on its body


Ox An emoji depicting a brown ox


Camel An emoji portrayal of a desert animal


Llama A rare camel like animal found in South America


Giraffe A face emoji of the tallest animals around called giraffe


Elephant An emoji of the largest animal on the planet known as elephant


Rhino A large mammal with massive horns


Mammoth A wooly extinct creature with long curvy tasks


Hippo An emoji of a huge water mammal with big jaws


Mouse A bright mouse emoji with a long pink tail


Rat A rat emoji with a long pink tail


Hamster A small cute rodent often kept as a pet


Rabbit A mammal that loves to eat and has long eats


Squirrel A rodent with big and puffy cheeks 


Hedgehog An emoji of a small spiny mammal called hedgehog


Bat A bat emoji that can also be used to describe the superhero Batman


Bear An emoji portrayal of a panda


Polar bear An emoji of an animal found in arctic places


Panda An emoji depicting a panda


Kangaroo An emoji of a kangaroo


Dove A bird associated with the symbol of peace


Eagle An emoji portrayal of the majestic bird eagle


Owl An emoji of a large-eyed bird owl


Evergreen tree An evergreen tree is the one that keeps its leaves all year long


Cactus A cactus plant emoji


Palm tree A tree on which coconuts grow


Herb A green herb emoji


Maple leaf An orange maple leaf also associated with the country Canada


Rose A vibrant red rose emoji with stem. Often used as a symbol of love

Food and Drink

All emojis relating to fruits, vegetables, beverages, meals, and even utensils are included in the food and drink emoji set. The emojis are shown below.



Grapes A grape bunch emoji Grape


Melon A light green melon emoji Cantaloupe, Honeydew


Watermelon A slice of watermelon showing the juicy red part with black seeds


Orange An emoji portraying the pulpy fruit known as orange Tangerine, Mandarin


Lemon The yellow and sour citrus fruit called lemon Lemonade


Banana A peeled banana emoji Monkey snack


Pineapple The tropical fruit pineapple with a shoot of leaves at the top


Mango An emoji of a tropical mango Mangifera


Apple A vibrant red apple emoji Red apple


Green apple An emoji portraying a green apple Granny apple


Pear An emoji portraying a green pear


Peach An emoji portraying a peach Bottom


Strawberry A red fruit called strawberry topped with green leaves


Cherries Two cherries with a leaf Cherry


Kiwi A kiwi fruit sliced open to show the actual fruit along with black seeds Chinese gooseberry


Tomato A full red tomato with green stem Tomato plant


Coconut A half-cut coconut emoji showing its white meat


Avocado A half-cut avocado emoji exposing the brown pit in the middle


Eggplant An eggplant emoji with green stem Brinjal


Potato A potato emoji Baked potato


Carrot A long bright orange carrot emoji with green leaves on the top


Corn An ear of golden corn partially husked Ear of corn, maize


Hot pepper A bright red chili Chilli, spicy


Broccoli An emoji depicting broccoli Green veggie


Bread A loaf of bread Loaf of bread


Bacon An emoji depicting bacon Bashers


Burger A burger emoji with patty and vegetables Hamburger, cheeseburger


Fries Brown french fries in red carton French fries, chips


Pizza A slice of pepperoni pizza Slice of pizza, cheese pizza


Hotdog A popular western food featuring a sausage inside a bun Sausage


Burrito A wrapped dish filled with rice, beans, beef and cheese Wrap, roll


Falafel A popular dish in the Middle East and North Africa Flatbread, pita


Shallow pan of food An emoji denoting a dish that contains rice, vegetables and curry Mix veg, pan


Steaming bowl A steaming bowl of rice or noodles Ramen, noodles


Curry and rice Curry with rice Curry, Indian food


Poultry leg This brown colored emoji depicts a crispy chicken leg Chicken, chicken leg piece, drumstick


Rice ball The emoji indicates a rice ball wrapped in seaweed Onigiri, seaweed


Fish cake A Japanese delicacy of processed whitefish served with ramen Fish cake with swirl, pink swirl


Mooncake A traditional sweet Chinese delicacy Chinese mooncake


Dango A Japanese sweet dumpling made from rice flour and served on a skewer Dessert stick 


Dumpling A popular Asian food filled with veg and non-veg items Momos, Empanada


Shaved ice A shaved ice cone with cherry/strawberry syrup Snowcone, ice-cream


Doughnut A chocolate doughnut emoji  Donut


Cake A piece of cake or more specifically an emoji of a pastry Pastry, shortcake, strawberry cake


Cupcake A cupcake emoji with pink cream topping Muffin, fairy cake

Hot beverage This emoji can be related to coffee, tea and other hot beverages Tea, Espresso, hot chocolate


Chocolate A bar of chocolate in a red wrapper Chocolate bar, candy bar


Teacup without handle A beverage cup without a handle and generally associated with green tea Green tea, Matcha


Tumbler glass A short and wide glass used for liquors such as whiskey Liquor, rum, whiskey


Ice An ice cube which is used to make drinks cooler Ice cube


Spoon A simple silver spoon emoji Teaspoon


Fork & knife with plate A cutlery emoji which can be associated with having a meal Dinner, cutlery


Beer A mug filled with beer with frothy heads Beer mug, beer stein


Beers The clinking of two beers mugs for the gesture of ‘Cheers!’ Clinking beer mugs

Travel & Places

These emojis depict diverse places, constructions, buildings, and ways of transportation. These are the emojis:



Earth Africa A globe of Earth showing the continent of Africa


Earth Americas A globe of Earth showing the continent of North and South America


Earth Asia A globe of Earth showing the continent of Asia


Globe with meridians This emoji is generally associated with the internet


World map A map showing the Earth’s different continents


Japan An emoji depicting the geographical map of Japan


Compass An instrument that shows the direction of the north


Mountain This emoji depicts a mountain with sharp peaks at the top


Snow-capped mountain This emoji depicts a mountain with sharp snowy peaks at the top


Camping A tent placed within the forest for accommodation


Volcano This emoji indicates the eruption of a volcano with lava and smoke


Mount Fuji Mount Fuji is the largest mountain in Japan


Desert island A desert but on an island


Beach with umbrella A beach emoji showing water, sand and umbrella for protection against the sun rays


Desert A land filled with sands, cacti and a scorching sun overhead


Stadium A place where mega sports events take place such as football and cricket matches


National park A park that comprises river streams, mountains and greenery


Classical building A classical building is the one that is associated with a town hall or a stock exchange


Bricks An emoji of bricks that are used in building homes, schools and tons of other structures for an individual or the public


Building construction A construction site generally depicted as a tower crane shown lifting steel or other building materials


House building A simple house emoji with a red door


Derelict house An emoji which indicates unused house generally associated with haunted house


House with tree A simple house emoji with a big tree behind it


Office A place to work during business hours


Post office Indicating a post building that involves sending and receiving parcels and packages from someone


Hospital A place where people come to get medical care


Bank A bank emoji indicates all the tasks related to money such as withdrawals, deposits, opening an account among others


Hotel An accommodation place to stay when you’re on a trip to another city or country


Love hotel An accommodation place for couples


Departmental store An emoji indicating departmental store which caters to shopping for all kinds of different stuff


School An emoji depicting a school building where children go to get their education


Factory An industrial factory which can also be associated with air pollution


Japanese castle This emoji means a traditional Japanese castle made from stone and wood


Tower A red tower generally associated with Tokyo tower and sometimes Eiffel tower


Statue of Liberty This emoji is often used to depict New York City

Church A church building where people come to pray and at times to attend weddings and funerals

Fountain Used for decorative purposes, a fountain is found in parks and gardens

Tent A temporary shelter made out of cloth and related materials


Foggy This emoji depicts a foggy landscape


Night with stars Buildings with visible night stars in the sky


Sunrise over mountains The sun rising over a mountain range in the morning




Hotsprings This emoji is a sign which indicates Hotsprings


Carousel Horse A kids horse ride found in carnivals and adventure parks


Ferris wheel A large rotating wheel with cabinets for people to sit and witness the cityscape from great heights


Barber A red-white striped pole depicting a barbershop


Circus A circus tent where several stunts are performed by professionals


Railway car A car carriage pulled along a railway line in cities


Bullet train A fast-paced train running on electricity generally used in rural areas or cities


Mountain railway A passenger transport system used in hilly areas


Bus A public transport service which allows passengers to travel to their desired destinations


Motorcycle A motorbike used in racing or motorsports


Car A red car emoji depicting an automobile


Motor scooter A light-weighted two-wheeler vehicle


Auto Rickshaw A three-wheeled vehicle used in several Asian countries to transport a passenger from one place to another


Skateboard A classic emoji of a skateboard


Fire The fire emoji depicts hot, warm, flame and also used in context to represent coolness (lit)


Droplet Used for various types of liquid such as water, tears, sweat and may even depict crying or sadness in some context


Twelve O’Clock Emoji depicting 12 o’clock either in the afternoon or midnight

Alarm Emoji depicting an alarm clock with a time of around 10:40 


New moon A fully dark new moon


New moon face Throwing ironic sentiments


Full moon face Used in situations of sarcasm


Ringed planet This emoji is made in a way to look like the Saturn planet

Star A simple and concise star emoji


Cloud with rain Can use this emoji when your plans are ruined by rain


Mostly sunny An emoji used to represent a sunny and wonderful weather


Tornado An emoji that depicts a tornado


Fog An emoji depicting foggy weather

Umbrella with raindrops An umbrella with drops of water used for rainy weather


Activities and Sports

Activity emojis reflect everyday activities such as sports, arts, music, and hobbies, among others. These are the emojis:




Jack-O-Lantern The jack-o-lantern is the classic symbol of Halloween


Christmas The Christmas tree emoji represents Christmas and/or holidays


Fireworks Fireworks emoji represents the stunning combination of lights in the nighttime when burnt crackers


Firecracker A firecracker is burnt on various occasions across the globe such as Diwali, New Year celebrations etc.

Sparkles Used to represent positive sentiments like happiness, gratitude and excitement


Balloon The red balloon emoji represents birthday celebrations or a generic simple balloon 


Party popper The party popper emoji is used to depict celebrations or parties


Confetti Confetti emoji is used to depict celebrations or parties


Tanabata tree A tree emoji specifically representing the Tanabata tree


Bamboo A bamboo emoji representing the bamboo plant in a pot or cup


Dolls Dolls indicating toys


Windchime Used for content concerning various senses of wind and chime due to its appearance


Red envelope Generally used in Asian cultures


Ribbon The emoji indicates something or someone is cute


Gift An emoji indicating surprise, gift or presents


Reminder ribbon An awareness ribbon emoji


Ticket The ticket emoji is used when going to a place that requires a paid entry such as cinema, sports etc.


Medal The medal emoji represents an achievement recognition


Trophy The trophy emoji represents an achievement recognition


First place medal A golden emoji used in chats to convey first place ranking in a sports or an event

Soccer A soccer ball emoji depicting the football or soccer sport

Baseball A ball emoji but more specifically a baseball 


Basketball A basketball emoji showing the orange striped ball used in basketball


Volleyball A volleyball emoji, showing the round ball used in the sport


Rugby football This emoji depicts a famous western sport called rugby 


Tennis A racket and ball emoji indicating the tennis sports


Ping Pong A paddle and ping pong ball used in the sport of table tennis.


Flying disc A disc-like emoji depicting frisbee


Cricket game A bat and ball emoji depicting the game of cricket


Bowling A ball and pin emoji depicting the indoor game called bowling


Field hockey A hockey stick and ball, used in the sport of field hockey


Lacrosse A sport in which two players have to hit the wall with a tennis ball using racquets


Badminton A racquet and shuttlecock emoji representing badminton 


Boxing glove A red boxing glove emoji depicting the boxing sport


Martial Arts A traditional martial arts uniform emoji which depicts games such as judo or karate


Goal net Also known as goal pole, this emoji depicts a classic outdoor sport called soccer

Golf Also known as a flag in the hole, this emoji depicts a red flag in a hole representing a sport called golf


Ice skates Ice skates are used to skate on a floor made of ice


Fishing This emoji represents a fishing rod and a fish hooked on to it


Diving mask This emoji represents snorkels which is a crucial equipment used in diving or staying under the water for long durations


Ski An outdoor winter sport in which a person slides down a snowy mountain or hill 


Darts A dart emoji specifically depicting bullseye


Yo-Yo This is a fun little spinning gadget used during free time


Kite A diamond-shaped red kite with a long tail


8 Ball The classic 8 ball representing games such as snooker and billiards


Crystal ball Crystal ball emoji can be used in texts concerning magic and future prediction


Nazar Amulet This interesting looking emoji represents eyes and various senses of charm, envy & jealousy in Turkish culture


Joystick An emoji generally used to convey  playing video games but more specifically for classic or aviation genre games 


Video game This emoji can be used to call up your friends for a video game session


Slot machine One can use this emoji on a chat to make casino or gambling plans


Dice A six-sided die emoji that depicts dice used in board games such as ludo, monopoly etc.


Teddy bear Teddy bear emoji can be used to convey something or someone cute


Spades A type of card used in playing cards


Hearts A type of card shaped like heart used in playing cards


Diamonds A type of card shaped like diamond used in playing cards


Clubs A type of card used in playing cards


Chess A chess piece called pawn


Joker A card emoji that depicts joker


Mahjong A red-white tile from the Japanese game called Mahjong


Performing Arts This emoji is used to indicate theatre or drama


Yarn A ball of yarn through which woolen clothes are sewed


Art The emoji depicts color palette


Most Popular or Trending Emojis

There are some emojis that everyone uses in their random conversations on a large number of occasions. And we are sure that you must have used one of these emojis at least once in your life. Let’s check out the top 20 emojis used in 2022.

  1. 😂: Tears of joy
  2. ✨: sparkles
  3. 🥰 : Smiling face with hearts
  4. ❤️: Red heart
  5.  🥺: Pleading face
  6. 🙏 : Person with folding hands
  7.  🔥: Fire
  8. 😭 : Loudly crying face
  9. 🤣 : Rolling on the floor laughing
  10. 😍 : Smiling face with heart-eyes
  11. 🫰 : Pinched Fingers
  12. 🫤 : Face with Diagonal Mouth
  13. 🫡 : Saluting Face
  14. 🫠 : Melting Face
  15. 🫶 : Heart Hands
  16. 🥹 : Face holding back tears
  17. 🫢 : Face with open eyes and hands over mouth
  18. 🫧 : bubbles
  19. 🫥 : Dotted face line
  20. 🫣 : Face with peeking eye

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How to Find Emojis on WhatsApp?

WhatsApp gives you an option to search for Emojis on both Android and iOS applications. Here’s how you can find emojis on WhatsApp for Android and iOS:

How to Find WhatsApp Emojis on Android?

Android users can easily search for an emoji on WhatsApp. All you need to do is follow these steps:

  1. Open WhatsApp and go to the Chat option. Click on the contact you want to send the emoji to.
  2. Click on the Emoji option, which is available right next to the message box.
  3. Now, tap on the search button at the bottom-left corner.
  4. With this, you will be able to search for any emoji on Android.

How to Find WhatsApp Emojis on iOS?

iOS users can also find emojis on the WhatsApp applications. The process is fairly simple and you can follow these steps:

  1. Open WhatsApp and go to the Chat option. Click on the contact you want to send the emoji to.
  2. Click on the Emoji button on the Apple keyboard, which is located next to the space option.
  3. Now, simply search for any emoji from the top bar on your iPhone.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are all Emojis Available on Mobile?

Yes, all emojis are available on your mobile phone. These emojis can be accessed and used from the phone’s keyboard, such as Gboard, Swiftkey, etc. Keyboard developers keep rolling out new updates with which they add new emojis.

How to Get New Emojis on Android Phone?

Android and iOS devices get a new range of emojis with each update. For example, 117 new emojis were introduced in the Android 11 version. To get the new emojis, you would have to either update your smartphone or the keyboard app you are using. Further, to get new emojis you can download third party keyboard or emoji apps from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

What is the meaning of this emoji 🥴?

This emoji is known as the woozy face emoji. This means that you have had a few too many drinks. It also means that the user is tired, overly emotional or confused.