Enigma Gaming Wins BGMS Week 3 Finals, Godlike are Runners Up


Yesterday marked the end of BGMI Masters Series Week 3 Finals and Enigma Gaming made the good out of it by winning it and they were followed by fan-favourite team Godlike. With the Week 3 Finals, the League stage of BGMS 2022 has come to an end and 16 top performers on the cumulative standings of three weeks are now advanced to the Finals.

All teams are ready for the Grand Finals which are set to take place from 13 July to 17 July 2022. The upcoming competition would be more tough and hard as every team will give their best to win at this huge historic event which is being aired on Television. The prize pool of the BGMI Masters Series Grand Finals is Rs 75 Lakhs as each week has concluded with Rs 25 Lakh prize money. Let us take an overview of Week 3 Finals.

BGMI Masters Series Week 3 Finals Overview

bgms week 3 finals
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Enigma Gaming became the winner of BGMS 2022 Week 3 Finals and received a total of Rs 4 Lakh prize money. The team raked 144 points with 61 eliminations in 12 matches with one chicken dinner.

bgms week 3 finals
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Team Godlike had secured 2 chicken dinners and put up a nice show for their fans but ended up in the second position with 131 points. The team received Rs 1.75 lakh prize money. Nigma Galaxy played well on the final day of Week 3 Finals and managed to clinch the third spot with 124 points, followed by Chemin Esports in the fourth place. XO, OR, Insane and TEF are in fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth places respectively.

Global Esports had a nice final and ended up taking the ninth spot with 88 points while Orangutan and Skylightz are in 10th and 11th positions. FS Esports placed in the thirteenth position while R Esports placed in the 16th place. Following are the additional rewards in the BGMS Week 3 Finals:

  1. Eliminator: Godlike Jonathan – Rs 25000
  2. Cruiser – Chemin Delta PG – Rs 25000
  3. Damager – Enigma Rexx – Rs 25000
  4. Dost Award – Enigma Rexx – Rs 25000
  5. Saviour – Enigma Rexx – Rs 25000
  6. Survivor – XO Immortal – Rs 25000
  7. Tapatap – Chemin Delta PG – Rs 25000
  8. Motorhead – Insane Mac – Rs 25000
  9. Doctor – Chemin Justin – Rs 25000
  10. Hunger Cure – Team Nigma Galaxy – Rs 75000
  11. MVP – Enigma Rexx – Rs 50000

That’s a wrap-up of BGMI Masters Series 2022 Week 3 Finals. Let’s have a look at the Overall Standings of all three weeks and know what teams have made it to the Finals.

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BGMS Grand Finals –  Qualified Teams, Schedule, Where to Watch

Following the ultimate league stage of the event, it is now time for the Finals to decide the champion. 16 teams from the cumulative standings table have now joined the road of Grand Finals where they will fight for the ultimate glory of the championship title, trophy and lions’ share of the Rs 75 lakh prize pool.

The finals are scheduled to take place from 13 July to 17 July and each day will comprise a total of 4 matches that include maps like Erangel, Miramar, and Sanhok. The League stage kicked off on 24 June and it came to an end on 10 July.

bgms finals
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Team XO had a fantastic run in the event and they emerged as the table toppers of the league stage with a wide margin of nearly 70 points. With 5 chicken dinners in 32 matches, the team made 362 points over the course of three weeks.

bgms grand finals
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Orangutan is the team which secured the second spot on the overall standings table with 293 points. Chemin Esports had put up a brilliant knock in the event and they ended up in the third-place while Skylightz and OR took fourth and fifth places respectively.

bgms finals
Image via Loco

Team Godlike has shown consistent performance in the second and third week which made them secure the sixth position and insane secured the seventh spot while Enigma took the eighth spot.

Team Soul and 8 bit ended up taking 10th and 12th spots respectively. FS Esports and Global Esports just crossed the border mark to qualify for the finals.

Skylightz Gaming won the first week and XO marked an exceptional win in the second week. The third week is won by Enigma Gaming. Teams like TSM, X Spark, R Esports, Rivalry, HH, and hydras have been eliminated from the tournament. Here are the teams that have made it to the Grand Finals:

  1. Team XO
  2. Orangutan
  3. Chemin Esports
  4. Skylightz Gaming
  5. OR Esports
  6. GodLike Esports
  7. Team Insane
  8. Enigma Gaming
  9. Nigma Galaxy
  10. Team Soul
  11. Blind Esports
  12. 8Bit
  13. Team Enigma Forever
  14. Revenent
  15. FS Esports
  16. Global Esports

Fans can watch the LIVE stream of the event on Nodwin Gaming’s Loco Channel and Glance. The event will be also aired on Star Sports 2 TV Channel. It starts at 8:30 PM IST each day.