Epic Games Store is Giving Away Daemon X Machina as a Free Game

Daemon X Machina is a fantastic third-person shooter with mechs.


The Epic Games Store free game giveaway will continue through 2022 as well and this week’s free game is Marvelous Inc’s third-person shooter Daemon X Machina. Fans of mecha anime will definitely want to give this one a go as the game involves players taking control of a fully customizable Mech and taking on all sorts of enemies.

Daemon X Machina has a strong multiplayer and co-op component as well, in addition to its fantastic single-player mode. The game’s approach to combat and customisation allows players to tinker and customise every part of their mech to best suit their skills.

The looter-shooter type mechanic allows players to salvage parts for weapons from defeated enemies, which can be used on the fly during combat.

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Daemon X Machina Available for Free on the Epic Games Store

Epic Games Store Damon X Machina

The Epic Games Store gave away a bunch of games last year and towards the end of 2021, the Holiday Season saw the Store give away a free game per day. In terms of numbers, the Epic Games Store gave away 89 free games worth roughly USD $2,120 (in US prices).

That is a staggering amount of value provided to users and it looks like Epic isn’t going to put a stop to that trend this year. In a blog post, Epic confirmed that they will continue to give away free games in 2022 and so far, players have received both Relicta and now Daemon X Machina for free.

To claim free games from the Store, a user needs to have an Epic Games Account. They can get one by signing up for one from the official Store website. After which, they can download the Launcher, from which they can browse the store and launch their games from the Library.

Once a game is claimed, it will appear in the player’s Library, from where it can be launched.