Yet Another EV Explodes, this Time Killing an 80-Year-Old Man in Telangana

PureEV has responded with a statement.


UPDATE: Transport Minister, Nitin Gadkari has constituted an expert committee to look into recent EV scooter explosion incidents and make recommendations on remedial steps. His full statement:

“Several mishaps involving Electric Two Wheelers have come to light in last two months. It is most unfortunate that some people have lost their lives and several have been injured in these incidents. We have constituted an Expert Committee to enquire into these incidents and make recommendations on remedial steps. Based on the reports, we will issue necessary orders on the defaulting companies. We will soon issue quality-centric guidelines for Electric Vehicles. If any company is found negligent in their processes, a heavy penalty will be imposed and a recall of all defective vehicles will also be ordered. Meanwhile companies may take advance action to Recall all defective batches of vehicles immediately.”

Original Story:

Another PureEV scooter has caught fire and this time it has resulted in the loss of life of an 80-year-old man from Telangana. An explosion took place at midnight when the electric scooter was being charged overnight. The victim’s wife and grandson also suffered major injuries because of the explosion. The cause of the explosion is still unknown, however, the local police have pressed criminal charges against PureEV.

This is not the first time, an EV has exploded. Many such explosions are being reported on a regular basis for two to three months. Even scooter from popular companies like Ola, Okinawa, Jitendra RV has also caught fire and exploded.

Another PureEV Scooter Explodes

The victim, Ramaswamy, his wife, Kamalamma, and grandson, Kalyan were sleeping in their Nizamabad house when suddenly the battery of the scooter exploded at 4 AM causing major injuries to the family. Ramaswamy was taken to the hospital but where he succumbed to the injuries and was declared dead.

Ramaswamy’s son, Prakash who plugged in the charger of the EV scooter at 12:30 AM has lodged a complaint to the local police against the electric scooter manufacturer. “While manufacturing the electric vehicle battery, standards were not followed and due to that our family suffered. Please take appropriate legal action.” states the complaint. The local Police from Nizamabad 3 Town Police Station have pressed charges on PureEV under Section 304-a (causing death due to rash or negligent act) of the IPC.

PureEV Responds With a Statement

PureEV has acknowledged the incident and has responded on the same, “We deeply regret the incident and offer condolences to the family of the victim. Fully cooperating with the local authorities and seeking complete details from the user. The incident happened two days ago,” the company said in a statement. PureEV says that they do not have any record of the purchase of the vehicle involved in the accident or of service by the user in their database. The company is finding if the vehicle was purchased through a second hand sale.

This is the fourth time a PureEV scooter has exploded. In September last year, two PureEV scooters had caught fire in Hyderabad, while a fire was reported in a PureEV electric scooter in Chennai in March this year.