[Explained] PVR Passport: What is it, How to Buy and Use PVR Passport Online?


The renowned PVR Movies has a special weekday pass, with which you can watch 30 movies in 3 months. If you’re an avid moviegoer, this will greatly benefit you. With the PVR Passport, you can watch a movie for as low as Rs 50 (plus convenience charges and GST).

PVR Passport is a prepaid subscription service from PVR Movies that gives you access to 30 movies in 90 days for a price of Rs 1,500, with a limit of 10 movies per month. It is a weekday pass and cannot be used on Saturday and Sunday. It is a bummer, but it is what it is. Let us discuss everything you need about PVR Passport here on this page.

How does PVR Passport work?

You can use PVR Passport to pay for a movie costing up to Rs 400 daily. It can only be used for redeeming one ticket a day. It is called the PVR Passport Weekday pass, and you can only use it on weekdays.

PVR Passport

With PVR Passport, you’ll be given a multi-use voucher code that can be redeemed once daily to book your tickets on the PVR app or website. You cannot use the PVR Passport to book tickets at the counter; you must book your tickets online.

The ticket price is limited to Rs 400 per booking; if the price goes above Rs 400, you will have to pay the difference. For example, if the ticket price is Rs 500, you will be asked to pay the remaining Rs 100 once you redeemed your PVR Passport voucher for Rs 400.

There’s also one more catch. You still have to pay the convenience fee and taxes on booking a ticket, and the ticket you are booking is only partially free when using PVR Passport. For example, if the movie cost is Rs 250 and the convenience fee and taxes come to Rs 50, only Rs 250 will be covered by the PVR Passport; you’ll have to pay the remaining Rs 50 convenience fee and taxes.

There’s a joining bonus for the PVR Passport program, and you get a flat discount of Rs 200 on spending Rs 800 on food and beverages at PVR.

How to buy PVR Passport?

You can buy PVR Passport from the PVR website or the PVR app.

To buy it via the website:

  1. Click here to access the PVR Privilege website.
  2. Login to your PVR account first; if you don’t have an account, make an account first.
  3. Under Pick your privilege card, click on Unlock Card under the PVR Passport banner.
  4. Enter your Full name, Date of birth, Email, and Phone number.
  5. Agree to the Terms and Conditions of PVR Passport.
  6. Click on Submit Details button.
  7. Select your preferred payment option and make the payment for PVR Passport.
  8. You should be enrolled in PVR Passport. You will also get access to PVR Privilege along with Passport.

To buy it via PVR app:

  1. Login to the PVR app or sign up for a new account.
  2. Click on the Privilege button at the bottom of the screen. You may also find the same with a homepage banner.
  3. Select PVR Passport.
  4. Click on the Join Now button.
  5. Make the payment on the next page via your preferred payment method.
  6. You’ll be enrolled in PVR Passport and PVR Privilege.

PVR Passport Pricing

PVR Passport is offered in a single plan:

  • Three months plan: costs Rs 1,500, and you can watch 30 movies in 90 days.

PVR Passport Locations

PVR Passport is currently only available in select locations now. Such as:

  • Pune
  • Kolkata
  • Lucknow
  • Ahmedabad
  • Hyderabad

PVR Passport might be available soon in more locations, but there’s no information on when it would be expanding to more locations.

How to Watch 30 Movies in 90 days with PVR Passport

Let us discuss how you can use PVR Passport to watch 30 movies in 90 days.

First, you must remember that you cannot use the PVR Passport on Sunday and Saturday. That gives you 21 or 22 days to use the Passport.

Let’s talk about redeeming PVR Passport on booking a movie ticket now.

  1. On the PVR app or website, go on as usual to book a movie. Select the movie and select the seats, but only for one.
  2. Move on to the payment step.
  3. On the Avail Offers section, you’ll find the option to redeem PVR Passport for this ticket booking.
  4. You shall see that the Ticket price is being waived, but you still have to pay the convenience fee and GST. Pay it.

PVR Passport: Frequently Asked Questions

Is PVR Passport available for all cities?

No, PVR Passport is not available in all cities. As of now, it is available only on: Pune, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, and Lucknow.

How many visits are allowed with PVR Passport?

In a month, PVR Passport can be redeemed ten times. Over the period of 3 months, you can use it 30 times in total.

How many bookings can be made in a day?

Only one booking can be made in a day with PVR Passport. But you can make other bookings for different dates for different movies on the same day.

What is the total ticket price when redeeming PVR Passport?

When redeeming PVR Passport on booking a ticket, the ticket price will be just the convenience fee and GST.

Do I need to pay the convenience fee per visit?

Yes, you have to pay the convenience fee and GST per visit.

How many tickets can I book using PVR Passport in a day?

You can only book one single free ticket per day.

What is FnB Voucher, and how much do I get?

You will get the FnB voucher of Rs 200 on getting the PVR Passport. You can redeem this voucher at PVR for food and beverages purchase of over Rs 800.

Can I use PVR Passport offline at the counter?

No. You can only book with PVR Passport online via the PVR app or the PVR website. It is not available at the box office counter.

Can I book tickets for the Gold class using my PVR Passport?

Absolutely. You can use PVR Passport to redeem tickets in Gold class. However, if the ticket price is more than Rs 400, you’ll have to pay the difference as PVR Passport only gives you an allowance of Rs 400 per booking.

Can I book a recliner seat using PVR Passport?

Of course! You can use PVR Password to book recliner seats. The Rs 400 limit for the bookings will be there. You’ll have to pay the remaining amount if the ticket price goes above Rs 400.

What to do if my PVR Passport Validity expires but I still have visits left?

Unfortunately, you will have to rebuy a new PVR Passport subscription to continue using PVR Passport if you missed out on a visit in a subscription period.