Extend Due Date Immediately Trends on Twitter as Last Day to File ITR July 31 Date Nears

Tweeted with over 5,000 tweets, the #Extend_Due_Dates became one of the most trending hashtags on Twitter.


The Income Tax Return (ITR) last date for the Assessment Year 2022-23 is July 31 which is near. As the ITR deadline is about to end, users have started requesting the Income Tax department to reconsider the July 31 deadline as it is not practical to file ITR by that time. Several users on micro-blogging platform, Twitter posted with the hashtag #Extend_Due_Dates and made it to the trending section.

Tweeted with over 5,000 tweets, the #Extend_Due_Dates became one of the most trending hashtags on Twitter. Most of them have requested the department to reconsider their deadline as either the portal to file income tax is not working properly or the date is not practical. Here’re some of the tweets from the netizens.

A user named Nemi Chand Sharma requested Finance Minister and the Income tax department to extend the deadline as the portal was not working for her while downloading download 26AS, AIS and TIS & uploading ITR.

A person who is said to be a Chartered Accountant (CA) shows that the server is not reachable and hence the date should be extended to August 31.

Countering the Income Tax Department claim of over two crores ITR filed, a user tweeted the below pic.

Another Twitter user lists seven reasons why the date should be extended.

Revenue Secretary Answers if the ITR Deadline will be Extended

While users are requesting the Income Tax department to consider their decision and extend the deadline to August 31, Revenue Secretary has something else to say. Revenue Secretary Tarun Bajaj, says that the department has no plans to extend the ITR filing deadline.

He says, “People thought the routine now is that dates will be extended. So, they were a little slow in filing the returns initially but now on a daily basis, we are getting between 15 lakhs to 18 lakh returns. This will slightly go up to 25 lakh to 30 lakh returns”

With this, the answer is clear that one should not expect the deadline to extend and should file their income Tax Return as soon as before July 31.

The Income Tax Department official number says that over three crore ITRs have been filed till Monday on the portal.