Facebook Dating Feature Goes on Public Trial in Columbia

If Facebook Dating’s public trial in Columbia is successful, its full-scale launch across the globe won’t be far off either.


After being embroiled in the scandal of Cambridge Analytica data, social media giant Facebook’s Dating feature had seemed like a missed opportunity. But the company has released the feature at last, even if on trial basis and that too only in Columbia.

Dating by Facebook

If Facebook Dating’s public trial in Columbia is successful, its full-scale launch across the globe won’t be far off either. With the number of single people on the social networking platform, its Dating app is going to alter the dating landscape forever.

 Facebook has learned from the mistake it did earlier with Snapchat. This time It has not copied Tinder and relying on swipes by users to interact with a new feature. As of now, Facebook Dating can only be accessed through Facebook’s mobile app’s hamburger menu. That is to say, the dating app is as of yet not a standalone app. Also, it is only functional on mobile devices currently. And access to it can be gained by clicking on the three horizontal lines in the Facebook app on the mobile device.

Facebook Dating Salient Points

A user can maintain his or her Facebook profile independent of having to key in their dating info. But in case interested, Facebook Dating requires the user to fill in his or her first name, age, and in short describe oneself and their interests. No other private information is asked by Facebook nor should be included by the user, for very obvious security reasons.

Though not a very safe feature, Facebook Dating allows a user to message anyone within its app. Also, a user can express only 100 ‘interests’ in a day. A maximum of 9 photos on an iPhone profile and 12 photos on an Android profile is permitted per user. But no videos or pics can be exchanged while conversing with those in whom the user has expressed ‘interest’.

After verifying a user’s location using GPS, Facebook Dating can suggest match options within 100 Km of the user’s GPS-verified spot. User’s friends won’t be appearing in the search results, Facebook has taken care of that issue already.

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Still Under Development

 Facebook is still in the process of developing its voice assistant, which was to be introduced simultaneously with the company’s proprietary smart speakers. But with speakers now ready for launch, there is no news regarding the introduction of the voice-assistant.

Facebook Releasing Video Chat Device and Speakers

In additional news, according to Cheddar, Facebook is all set to launch ‘Portal’, its video chat device. For those who are familiar with the Amazon Echo Show, Portal is also equipped with a screen where users can watch videos or conduct video chats with other users. The home speakers will have Amazon’s voice assistant Alexa.

If rumors are to be believed, Portal will be using an artificial intelligence coded wide-angle camera. This feature will allow the users to be in the frame even when chatting while walking around the room. Which means, the camera will first identify the user and then follow him or her around, never letting it escape its vision. But to protect the user’s privacy, the camera comes with a shutter option.

The Video chat device was supposed to hit the markets in May earlier this year but since Cambridge Analytica scandal hit the newsreels, Facebook has been dealing with low user traffic, poor stock prices, and declining earning reports. The company’s stock fell down 20% in a day towards July end and has till-date not recovered the lost ground. The site’s traffic downed to almost 50% in August. But it could be because of the increase in smartphones as the primary device for app users.

Portal will be Facebook’s flagship move into the home device space.

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