Fallout New Vegas Now Finally Available for Indian Fans on Microsoft’s Game Pass Subscription Service

Fallout New Vegas, which was previously not available in the country, can now be enjoyed by Indian fans on the Xbox Game Pass.

Fallout New Vegas Cover
Indian gaming fans can now enjoy Fallout New Vegas on the Xbox Game Pass.

There are only a handful of games in history that have achieved cult status on the level of Fallout New Vegas. The massively popular RPG by Bethesda took the gaming world by storm and remains for many, to this day, their pick for the best entry in the acclaimed Fallout franchise.

The Indian gaming community has made little secret of their affection for the beloved game. To be able to play the game in India, players had to jump through a couple of hoops. This was because the game had been pulled from the Indian market for seemingly a variety of reasons.

While the game was available DRM-free on GOG – the Xbox Game Pass now provides an instantly accessible way to play the game in India.

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The Indian gaming community rejoices as Fallout New Vegas is finally available in the country through Game Pass

Fallout New Vegas Xbox Game Pass
Microsoft brings several of Bethesda’s classics to the Xbox Game Pass, including Fallout New Vegas

The Xbox Game Pass has essentially been marketed as a “Netflix for games”, which seems fitting since the service gives players access to a large selection of titles across different platforms. From smartphones, to console, and Windows PC – Game Pass is one of the most revolutionary services in the market currently.

Both developers and the gaming community have responded quite favourably to the Game Pass – which is a great sign for Xbox and Microsoft.

Fallout New Vegas, which is an iconic entry in the franchise, was bound to be a success in the Indian market – but was pulled – and the reasons have been speculated on since. While many believed a certain mutated species of a cow named “Brahmin” to be the reason.

Microsoft did cite “cultural sensitivities” for their decision to not bring Fallout 3 to the Indian market. Whether Fallout New Vegas was also pulled for the same reasons is as of yet undetermined.

Xbox Game Pass is currently available in India in 3 distinct plans:

  1. For PC – First Month for Rs. 50 then Rs. 489/month
    (Includes EA Play)
  2. Ultimate – First 3 months for Rs. 50, then Rs. 699/month (Includes Gold and EA Play)
  3. For Console – Rs. 489/month

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