Far Cry 6 Upcoming DLC, Pagan: Control Will Put Players in the Shoes of the Iconic Villain from Far Cry 4

Step inside the mind of a tyrannical dictator.


Ubisoft has just revealed their plans for the next big DLC for Far Cry 6, called ‘Pagan: Control’. This is the second major DLC for the game, following ‘Vaas: Insanity’, which was a similar DLC that put players in control of an iconic villain from the franchise. The Season Pass contains 3 such DLCs, with the final one, ‘Joseph: Collapse’ arriving later this year.

The DLC arrives sooner than expected, January 11 2022, meaning players will be able to experience this new experience from Ubisoft later next week. ‘Pagan: Control’ will put players in the shoes of the tyrannical and charismatic villain of Far Cry 4, Pagan Min. The DLC looks like it will be a major departure from the series formula as Ubisoft has confirmed that the experience will be inspired by the roguelite genre. The majority of the game will take place inside Pagan’s troubled psyche and players will get to learn more about his past.

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Far Cry 6 DLC Pagan: Control will launch on January 11

Far Cry 6 DLC

The DLC will be available on available platforms for Far Cry 6 – Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Stadia, as well as PC. The DLC will be available on PC through Ubisoft and the Epic Games Store.

Ubisoft has assured fans that the roguelite experience will offer a blend of action and storytelling. Fan response to the previous DLC, ‘Vaas: Insanity’ was quite positive, with many praising the DLC’s innovative new gameplay systems as well as the emphasis on storytelling.

Pagan Min was one of the more interesting villains in a series that is well-renowned for their villains. Played by Troy Baker, Pagan Min was one of the highlights of Far Cry 4, despite not being around as much as fans would have ideally liked. The way the canonical ending of the game works, there is a lot of room for Pagan’s character to evolve and for players to experience the story of the events before Far Cry 4.