Far Cry 6 Players Who Quit the Game are Now Receiving Emails from Ubisoft Taunting Them

A very interesting tactic by Ubisoft.


Far Cry 6, being one of the year’s biggest releases and a true showcase for new-gen hardware, was bound to have a ton of players on launch. But like with most major AAA releases, the number of active players in the game starts to taper off as the weeks go by, but it looks like Ubisoft might not be content with players abandoning their game.

In an absolutely bizzare turn of events, Far Cry 6 players who seemingly quit the game, leading to meagre stats and playtime, are now getting taunting emails from El Presidente himself. El Presidente, Anton Castillo, is the big bad guy in Far Cry 6, and Ubisoft are sending emails to player as Anton in an attempt to lure them back into the game. Interesting tactic, for sure. Yet, it wasn’t going to be received positively across the board by the entire gaming community, and thus, the fanbase is divided.

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El Presidente will mock you if you quit Far Cry 6 midway

The mail goes over certain specific stats such as weapons collected, hours played, and enemies killed. Usually, the mail is sent if the stats are nothing too major as it taunts the player into picking up the controller again and putting a stop to El Presidente’s reign in Yara.

However, there is also the possibility that this email will only push them further as it can elicit the exact opposite reaction than intended. Ubisoft has to have put some amount of research into such a tactic, so it will be interesting to see the percentage of players who actually get back into Far Cry 6 after getting the mail.

However, its not just players who abandoned the game, but seemingly, even if you’ve been industrious in your fight against Anton’s dictatorship, you’ll still be mocked. On one hand, its a very interesting way to display stats to the player, on the other, it feels kind of passive aggressive for publishers to be doing that to their own players. It could simply just be that the mail was intended to be a stat-sheet for the player regardless of whether they quit or not, but for those who did, it comes off as sort of a taunt.