FAU-G Pre-registrations Open for Older Android Devices: All Eligible Devices, How to Register and More

FAU-G had previously opened pre-registration for iOS users too, and the same has now been opened for Android users as well.


FAU-G, the much-awaited smartphone game from the combat genre built by Indian studio nCore, is slated to finally launch on Tuesday, January 26. The launch has been aligned with the 72nd Republic Day of India, and comes after months of its initial announcement. During this time, FAU-G’s developers have published limited teasers for the game, and in various interviews, its founders have stated how exactly the game would work. Now, FAU-G pre-registrations have come to older versions of Android as well, marking a major move by the developer shortly ahead of its launch. With Android devices accounting for the vast majority of smartphones in India, here’s looking at which Android devices would be eligible to play the game, and how users can pre-register for it.

Eligible devices

According to Studio nCore, the developers, FAU-G pre-registrations will be open for any smartphone that runs on Android Oreo 8.0 and above. This essentially means that along with the present crop of flagship and mid-range smartphones, devices that were launched over the past three years will all be eligible to play the game. This would account for a significant number of smartphone owners in India, since even though Google has increased its overall push for more frequent updates, older Android versions still have a considerable role to play. According to public data available by Statista from the first half of 2020, while Android 10 accounts for 8.3 percent of all Android devices worldwide, Android 8 Oreo and and Android 9 Pie account for a whopping 45.3 percent of all Android devices around the world. The same would proportionately reflect on India, and as a result, it is safe to say that FAU-G is attempting for the maximum outreach when it is officially launched tomorrow.

How to pre-register for the game

For FAU-G pre-registrations, follow either of the two processes mentioned below:

  1. Head to this link that is offered by nCore for FAU-G pre-registrations.
  2. Tap on pre-register, fill up the relevant details and you will receive the game’s APK file when it is made live tomorrow.

Alternatively, FAU-G pre-registrations will also work via the Google Play Store. To do this:

  1. Head to Google Play Store from your Android device and search for ‘FAU-G’. Alternatively, click here to access the game directly.
  2. The game should turn up at the top of the search results. Tap on the pre-register button beside the game’s name, or inside the game’s Play Store page.
  3. You will receive a prompt saying that you will be notified once the game is live. Tap on ‘accept’, and you are ready to roll.

FAU-G has reportedly been based on the heroics of the Indian Army, and will feature gameplay based on real incidents. The first level of the game will be seemingly based on India’s recent Galwan Valley conflict against China, and the gameplay has been designed to reflect the actual conflict. Going forward, FAU-G owners have stated that the game will get more modes, levels and scenarios, and may also include a Battle Royale mode akin to the now-banned PUBG Mobile, in the eventual future.