FAUG is Getting a New Map Called Dugong Rock Island: Could This Revive the Game?

"Dugong Rock Island" looks like a pretty big map with lots of terrain variety.


nCore Games has just announced that FAUG is set to get a new map called Dugong Rock Island. The map will be available soon in the game and will introduce interesting terrain and multiple levels of elevation for combat variety in the game.

FAUG is a mobile shooter title developed by nCore Games and was released in 2021. The game launched with just the single-player mode and eventually – the devs introduced new multiplayer game modes such as team deathmatch.

The game has been out for a while and the dev team has introduced frequent updates to keep up with the intense competition in the mobile game arena. FAUG is available for download for Android and iOS devices from the Google Play Store/App Store.

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FAUG’s New Map, “Dugong Rock Island” is Coming Soon

nCore Games haven’t yet revealed exactly when the new map will become available in the game. The new map looks like a fairly interesting prospect – with subterranean levels that can mix up movement in a pretty significant way.

Leading up to its release, FAUG had a considerable amount of hype within the mobile gaming community but many felt that the launch build of the game wasn’t that great an offering. The game lacked the necessary depth required of the modern mobile shooter and even with subsequent content updates and new game modes – FAUG hasn’t really taken off in a big way.

Meanwhile, competition in the mobile game space has increased manifold – with the likes of Apex Legends Mobile taking the scene by storm. There are several other exciting mobile projects currently in the works such as Call of Duty Warzone for Mobile as well as Valorant Mobile.

FAUG and nCore Games have their work cut out for them as the audience demands quite a bit from their mobile shooter today. Perhaps the addition of new game modes and maps could be the answer in the short-term, but in order to keep up with demand, the studio might need to go back to the drawing board with FAU-G.